first Executive Committee of the calgary prophetic
bible institute
Good Friday - april 15th, 1927

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2nd picture Inscribes names on men.

First Executive Committee of the Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute
Names from Left to Right - Interleaved
Mr. R.W. Scrimgeour / Mr. Harry B. Scrimgeour / Mr. W.W. Silverthorne / Mr. Charles Pearce /
Mr. William Aberhart (Dean) / Mr. Alf Clarke / Mr. Noel Hutchinson (Cyril's Brother) /
Mr. John U. Dick / Mr. Ernest A.K. Hutchinson ( Cyril's Father ) / Mr. J. Leighton /
Mr. Fred A. Battisto / Mr. White / Mr. Art Peacock

CloseUP Photo with Names Inscribed Below