The Sermon Notes of the Rev. Cyril Hutchinson - Berean Bible College & Bethel Baptist Calgary

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127 - PDF Files By Alphabetical order of title
Note Notes at End of each indicated when and where the sermon was preached. Some 1st and 2nd versions combined.


Sermon Notes of Rev. Cyril Hutchinson - Berean Bible College 1930's- 1980's
1. A Bush In The Wilderness
2. A Clear Nimble Deed Of Truth ( illegible title..)
3. A Criminal In Paradise
4. A Cry From Jerusalem
5. A Devil In The Gates
6. A Lamp In Jerusalem
7. A One Man Salvation
8. A Pot Full Of Wine From The Lord
9. A Venture Into The Unknown
10. And Moses Was Content
11. Beyond Obedience or The Die is Cast
12. Can God Save Israel?
13. Can Romans 8:28 Be Reckoned As True?
14. Deborah and Barak
15. Dedicated To Service
16. Fasting Scriptures - List only
17. Four Things God Will Not Do
18. God Plans My Life - newest version
19. God Plans My Life - older version
20. God's Blueprint for 1963
21. God's Man in the 1970's
22. God's Mighty Men of the Twentieth Century
23. God's Most Solemn Question
24. God's Urgent Mail
25. Goody Goody Religion
26. Greatest Thing A Christian Can Do - new version
27. Greatest Thing A Christian Can Do - older version
28. How Big Is The Holy Spirit?
29. How Can Your Soul Get Into Hell? - new version
30. How Can Your Soul Get Into Hell? - older version
31. How Is Your Triple Vision Eyesight?
32. How Long the Revival?
33. How May I Know the Presence of God?
34. How To Get Prayers Answered. - old version
35. How To Get Prayers Answered - new version
36. How To Keep From Getting Hurt
37. How To Reach The Ear Of God
38. In The Days Of No Revival
39. Is It Time To Hoist The Blue Peter?
40. Israel and Palestine
41. Journey to the Empty Tomb - devotional
42. Last Letter With Heaven's Postmark
43. Light the Fires, It's Cold In Here
44. Living For Jesus, O How Tough!
45. Macadamization - Hardening of the Arterials
46. Monkey or Man?
47. Moses Passed The Torch To Joshua
48. Most Important Book Ever Written
49. Most Unique King In History
50. Mothers - Maladjusted or Magnificent?
51. Prophecy in the New Testament
52. Prophetic Significance of Lot's Wife
53. Prophetic Signs of the Times
54. Sealed Books and the End of Time
55. Seventeen Signs of our Lord's Return
56. Spectators in the Heavenly Grandstand
57. Steps To Revival #5
58. Steps To Revival
59. Story Of A New Affection
60. Strange Meetings - Artisan and Aristocrat
61. Strange Reluctance of the Sacrifices. Long version
62. Strange Reluctance of the Sacrifices. Short version
63. Strangest Story In The Bible
64. Striking A Bargain With God
65. The Basics of Christian Psychology
66. The Big Business of a Busy Businessman
67. The Blood Mark Of Christianity
68. The Challenge of Tomorrow
69. The Chariots Swing Low
70. The Closed Society
71. The Crowd At The Cross
72. The Day The Atheist Told The Truth
73. The Delightful Road To Slavery
74. The Eyes Of God
75. The First Samuel Sermon
76. The Fool and His Money
77. The Forgotten Grace - Gratitude
78. The God of Unimportant People
79. The Great Journey Through Enchanted Ground
80. The Handwriting of God
81. The Hazard of Living For Jesus
82. The Impossible Imperative
83. The Jew Did It First
84. The Kiss of Orpah
85. The Mainspring of the Universe
86. The Man God Is Looking For
87. The Man God Will Give Away
88. The Man Who Played The Fool
89. The Man With The Ear Rings
90. The Mark That Matters
91. The Meanest Man On Earth, and His Dreadful End
92. The Meeting That Nobody Can Miss
93. The Miracle of the Spotless Bride
94. The Most Important Day of 1978
95. The Name Not On The Church's Visitor Book
96. The Need For The Undeniable
97. The Pause That Prepares
98. The Peril of a Penny and a Prayer Program
99. The Plan of God and the Dignity of Life
100. The Problem of the Victorious Christian
101. The Prophecy of the Fourteen Years
102. The Prophecy of the Lying Spirit
103. The Prophetic Time Clock Of God
104. The Question on the Lips of Millions
105. The Set of His Face
106. The Sin That God Hates Most
107. The Soldier With The MainTrack Mind
108. The Splendor of Life
109. The Story of An Old Man's Disappointment
110. The Story Of The Greatest Backslider
111. The Thirst Of God - version 1
112. The Thirst Of God - version 2
113. The Trading Post of Life
114. The Two Biggest Prayers I Ever Prayed
115. The Unbeliever Who Became Unbeatable
116. The Unique Power Of A Human Being
117. The Vital Cry Of A Human Heart
118. They Offered Him Vinegar
119. Three Gates To Paradise
120. Three Young Men & The Mystery of the Missing Motive
121. Valentine Message - portion only
122. Washing Christian Feet
123. What Do We Expect From Revival?
124. What Is A Christian Like?
125. What Is The Holy Spirit Doing In Medicine Hat?
126. What Is The Price Of A Donkey's Head?
127. What's The Use Of Living?