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Alberta Provincial Stamp Script
not alone in the wilderness

aberhart's prosperity certificates: front and Back Stamp Side

See Similar Stamp Certificate Scrip Issued in Harwarden , Iowa in 1932
at Neil Schafer's article on Numismaster Dot Com

other municipal scrip

Raymond Alberta Municipal Town Warrant


Rural Municipality of Marquis Saskatchewan - 1932
North of Caronport Saskatchewan

Brantford , Ontario Depression Scrip

Printed but never issued, The Council got cold feet. To date, this is still an unknown depression note. No actual issues from the 1930's have been found, but below is an impress from the orginal plates.
See Depression Script.com for plate pictures
Therefore, no one knows what the actual colors and paper stock was intended to be used for this note.
But it is intriguing to know that William Aberhart was principal of Brantford Central High
School before moving to Calgary in 1910. Were conversations with him
or news articles behind the idea here in Ontario?

Other Canadian Depression Era Script

Vermilion , Alberta

Reverse side of Vermilion has unique landscape scene

North Burnaby British Columbia Company Scrip

C.G. Cooperative Association 5 Unit Note
Another Note of Interest is that William and Jessie Aberhart are
buried in the Forest Lawn Cemetary in Burnaby B.C.

canadian metis dominion land scrip

More USA Script

Pendleton , Oregon - 1933

More Stamp scrip in Sedalia, Missouri 1933

Rhode Island Scrip - 1933

Atlantic City Municipal Scrip - 1936
Same year as Prosperity Certificates in Aberhart's Alberta
Why doesn't the media mention all of this other, 'funny money.'

carmel , california script - 1933


cambridge, wisconsin - 1933-34

longbranch , New Jersery one dollar
depression scrip of 1934 : Front and Back


civil war script usa

city of chatanooga, post civil war scrip

grimes, co,texas

The attached photo is submitted to supplement and correct the item on the Grimes County GenWeb
page titled "Civil War Script." The correct word is "Scrip," misspelled by the submitter of the posted
photo. Grimes County, as did other counties, issued scrip as legal tender during the Civil War.
G. M Patrick, Chief Justice, signed the scrip and G. A. Mooring, County Clerk, attested his signature.
Anyone who has a piece of the "Patrick" scrip today has a valuable collector's item.

Several Louisiana railroads issued their own "money" during the Civil War. The New Orleans, Jackson
and Great Northern, for example, issued and circulated its own notes in Louisiana and Mississippi.
This "railroad money" could neither bear interest, nor could its denominations be larger than five dollars.
As the Confederacy began to crumble, the people along the railway turned to the Great Northern's currency.
Yet at the end of hostilities, the company was bankrupt.

Private company scrip

Scrip was issued by the company owned stores to those employees who made a request for it between paydays.
If an employee wanted to draw against his earned wages before payday, he could apply for "scrip" which could
be spent only in the company store. The amount of scrip would then be deducted from his weekly or biweekly
pay by the mine company payroll office. Most of the coal mine companies had their own stores which stocked
basic commodities such as corn, beans, fruit, flour, canned goods, meat, sugar, candy, ice cream, tobacco,
clothing, and furniture. In coal camps, the only store in town was usually owned or run on
behalf of the coal company.


Scrip from Merchantile Store in Adamson, Oklahoma


new jersey colonial scrip

military scrip
Military personnel deployed in other countries
(protective or occupation) are generally paid in military scrip,
which prevents legal tender from going into the black market, plus it is
an excellent way of keeping tabs on military payments and spending.
This type of scrip can be exchanged through the military for legal
tender upon return to the home nation. Military occupying powers
have also been known to issue occupation scrip for local civilian use
as a means of controlling the local economies.

Air Script

Naval Scrip

usa Military scrip

concentration camp money (german)

During World War II, Germany created special currency (more like scrip, really) specifically for
concentration camps. These were often created by the Jewish prisoners and many were quite intricate.
Concentration Camp Money are collectible because of their historical reasons and as a
reminder of the Holocaust.
The concentration camp money(scrip) shown above was used by inmates and had no
convertibility outside the camp. This had the effect of denying escapees from having
any money to spend if they escaped. The Concentration Camp Money above was issued
in the Westerbork Concentration Camp (where Anne Frank and her family were taken.)



Was William Aberhart way out on a limb with Prosperity Certificates
or in the company of a Mutitude?

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