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Finding The Real Man
Who Was, and Is
William Aberhart

"There is a principle which is a bar against all information,
which is proof against all argument,
and cannot fail to keep men in everlasting ignorance.
That principle is 'contempt prior to examination.'

-Dr. Paley
One greater than Paley has said:
" He that answereth a matter before he heareth it,
it is a folly and a shame unto him.
Proverbs 18:13 KJV

Although the following verse speaks of the faith of Abel,
it also seems to fit so well to the life and testament
of William Aberhart as found on this website.
"God testifying of his gifts: and by it he being dead
yet speaketh." Hebrews 11:4b KJV

William Aberhart In Bowler Hat and Coat

William Aberhart Chazin & Humphrey Portrait - Calgary 300 dpi

Above Portrait at High Resolution - 800 dpi

1971 Biography of Aberhart Written from a Family Perspective
by youngest Daughter Ola MacNutt

William Aberhart:
profile of a Great albertan
Gospel Road Radio on AM1140 with guest Arthur J. Dixon
former Alberta Social Credit Speaker of the House
March 14th & 21st, 2004 Broadcasts below

Week One: William Aberhart Profile Of A Great Albertan - mp3 1 hr.
Broadcast March 14th - 2004

Week Two: William Aberhart Profile Of A Great Albertan - mp3 1 hr.
Broadcast March 21st - 2004

To obtain a two week CD radio show
on AM1140 Gospel Road
on William Aberhart - Profile of a Great Albertan Click Here! or
or Listen Above (mp3 - 2 CD's- 1 hr. each)

Wait for Audio Files to Download After Clicking Once.
Window will change to white screen.
Press Back Browser to Select Another Audio When Finished

The aberharts
Memories of a Premier's Granddaughter
Patricia Hilton (Cooper) Shares her account

Week One: Memories of a Premier's Granddaughter
- mp3 45 mins Broadcast July 22nd - 2007

Week Two: Memories of a Premier's Granddaughter
- mp3 45 mins Broadcast July 29th - 2007

To obtain a two week CD radio show
on AM1140 Gospel Road
on Memories of a Premier's Granddaughter Click Here! or
or Listen Above (mp3 - 2 CD's- 45 mins. each)

My Memories of William Aberhart
Guest on Gospel Road
Mrs. Muriel Manning ( nee Preston )

Week One: My Memories Of William Aberhart
Mrs Muriel Manning - mp3 - 1hr.

Broadcast January 16th, 2005 on AM1140 Radio

Week Two: My Memories Of William Aberhart
Mrs Muriel Manning - mp3 - 1hr.

Broadcast January 23rd, 2005 on Am1140 Radio

To obtain a two week CD radio show
on AM1140 Gospel Road
on My Memories of William Aberhart with Muriel Manning Click Here! or
or Listen Above (mp3 - 2 CD's- 45 mins. each)

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the old westbourne baptist church
Memories and plans for a museum

Mrs. Muriel Manning on Aberhart at Westbourne Baptist -
From Wk1, Part 1 of "My Memories of William Aberhart"
on AM1140 Gospel Road, January 16th, 2005
To obtain Mrs. Manning's Two Week Radio Show on

My Memories of William Aberhart Click Here

NEW ** Hear Mrs Manning's account of Mr. Aberhart's challenge to
her on her 15th Birthday (mp3
) - 1965 - 30th Socred Anniversary

Original Building during Aberhart's time

Save the old Westbourne for An Aberhart Museum
See Op-Ed article by Larry Heather published in the
Jan. 22nd, 2009 Calgary Herald & the February 2009 City Light News

Other Audio MEMORIES
Of William Aberhart
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Ola Aberhart McNutt

Aberhart Younger Daughter
Shares Her Memories

Dad Could Be Strict To
Protect When Young - mp3

Ola Remembers Her
Dad's Dramatic Bedtime Stories
- mp3

Hear Alberta Premier Ernest C. Manning's Tributeto William Aberhart:
1. Memories Of A Great Man mp3

2.Memories of A Great Goal

3.Memories Of a Great Allegiance

4.Manning's Conversion Under Aberhart
and his friendship

Given at the 30th Anniversary of the Social Credit 1935 Win - (Calgary, 1965)

Premier who followed after Aberhart and was mentored by him.


Patricia (Cooper) Hilton Recalls Her
Train Trips To Edmonton

to be with her grandparents.
from The Aberhart's : Memories
of a granddaughter
To Obtain 2 week radio show
Click Here

Patricia Aberhart Hilton
more on Patti down this page.


Hear Cyril Hutchinson's Moving Memory
of his mentor
William Aberhart

Prophetic & Berean Bibel School Principal
(Taken from 1962 prophecy sermonThe Bear On The Mountain )

Hear Pastor Bill Laing
of his
William Aberhart

"Standing On The Shoulders"
- taken from 40th Anniv. of Pastorship from
the Bible Institute Baptist Church &
Calgary's Bethel Baptist

To Obtain the 2 week Radio
Special: William J. Laing
Pressing Towards The Mark

Click Here
Cliford Willmott's Memory of Aberhart
Clifford was a close associate of Aberhart in the Social Credit work in Calgary and played the Radio Character of the
Man From Mars
Hear More Audio Clips from Clifford
about the actual Man from Mars character
on the Premier's Page of this site.

Winston Sproule
Accounts he has heard on Aberhart
& the Social Credit era.
A Past Teacher at Berean

Aberhart's Illustration Of the Two Frogs &
The Circulating Dime - Blood Circulation In The Body **The Farmer's Box of Nails

Note: Dividend may also refer in some accounts
to 25- $1 Prosperity Certificates distributed in 1937.

Evelyn Hendry of the Raymond & District Historical Society Remembers a 1935 Election Rally in the Vegreville Alberta Arena where Mr. Aberhart addressed the meeting. She was only five years old at the time. (mp3)

Vegreville easter egg
Naomi Grant (Gilbert) -Daughter of William Thomas (Tom) Gilbert a prominent local Calgary Baker who had a bakery on 8th Ave Stephen Ave recalls many memories of the Aberhart days including when Aberhart asked her dad to calculate the exact price of a loaf of bread
for his Social Credit comparisons.

For Information on the
Aberhart Legacy Radio Shows
(18 hours) - Click Here

A Personal Recollection
of Meeting William Aberhart

by Mr. Alfred Young (92yrs.)
former Mayor of Veteran , Alberta

February 18th, 2006
(MP3 File - 8:30 mins)

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William Aberhart Family Home in the Cliff Bungalow District
As It Appears Today

Back Entrance Facing Oppostite Street

Back View Of Aberhart House

Aberhart at his house and wife Jessie's garden, Aug. 23rd, 1935

Mrs. Muriel Manning Cuts Resource Dividend Cake
at 'Eve Of Victory' Celebration on August
21st., 2005 at St. Georges Island Calgary
(Above Photo by Peter Fleck)
See Calgary Herald Articles!

Mrs. Manning Shares her account of Aberhart's
reaction on the night of the big win in 1935 (mp3) (1965 Anniv)

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Sketch of Aberhart from 1st Anniversary Edition of the Social Credit Win
The Albertan - Social Credit Chronicle Aug.22,1936 Vol.3-No.5

ernest charles Manning


Tribure to Ernest C.
Manning on his 50th

pdf - 4 pp
Sept. 30th, 1958

A Poem by the Hon. Alf J. Hooke

A Humorous Take on
the history of Ernest & Muriel
(nee Preston) Manning

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Book Signing of 'Aberhart Of Alberta' by Aberhart's daughter
Ola McNutt at MLA Art Dixons BBQ.
As pictured in the July 22nd, 1971
Calgary South Side Mirror.

This book written from the family perspective by L.P.V. Johnson and one of Aberharts daughters, Ola McNutt was published in 1971. It was one of
the wishes of our late President of the Foundation, Art Dixon that this book would be republished again. Are there any financial backers
out there for this project?
( Go to contact page to let us know.)

Book Review by Edmonton Journal Reporter
Andrew Snaddon
Wednesday June 10th, 1970
Calgary Herald Review
by Parker Kent - June 26th , 1970

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Plaster Bust of Aberhart
Mrs Irene (Eberhart) Barrett a favorite neice of William Aberhart, talks about a Plaster Bust like this one.
"I have a plaster head of William which a man did of him while he was having dinner for serveral nights running in the East, Ottawa probably. On the final night the man presented the bust to uncle William. It was complete with wire prince nez eyeglasses. He left it with the family in Seaforth, Ontario."

Memorial & Historical
Tributes to
william Aberhart

Historical Plaques of Huron County
Location: Seaforth & District High School, 58 Charles St. N., Seaforth
Dedicated, Wednesday Oct. 13th, 1966
by Mr Charles and Ola (nee Aberhart) McNutt of Calgary


Founder of the Social Credit Party and premier of Alberta, 1935-43, Aberhart attended Seaforth Collegiate Institute, 1893-98, and later graduated from Queen's University. In 1910 he moved to Calgary where from 1915-35 he was a high school principal. An ardent fundalmentalist lay preacher he founded the Calgary Prophetic Bible Conference in 1918 to promote Bible study. His weekly religious radio broadcasts beginning in 1925 won him a large audience. In 1932 he became interested in the Social Credit movement, and promoted its doctrines in his broadcasts. Convinced of a need for monetary reform, he organized the Social Credit Party in 1935. His party won the election that year and he became premier.
See Seaforth Plaque Dedication Program and Press Release
October 12th, 1966 ( PDF)

Seaforth December 1935 Year Book Excerpt (PDF)

Greeting Letter of the Mayor of Seaforth upon
a visit by William Aberhart after becoming Premier of Alberta - pdf

To Obtain The Radio Program
The Last Days Of William Aberhart
Click Here

Villett - Manning Funeral Addresses in Vancouer's
Canadian Memorial
Wed. May 26th, 1943
(PDF 9)

Tribute To
William Aberhart

(PDF 18 pages)

Calgary & Edmonton
Service & News Account

(PDF 4 pages)

Calgary Memorial
Service Address by
Cyril Hutchinson

Sunday May 30, 1943
Pdf file

Gospel Chimes
Aberhart Memorial
Edition (PDF 10 pgs)

June 1943

This Monthly News
Bulletin was the Official
Publication of
The Bible Institute
Baptist Church.


The Prophetic Voice
Abehart Memorial

May 1943 PDF 12pgs

The Prophetic Voice
was the Official
Monthly Publication
of the
Calgary Prophetic
Bible Institute.


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Why William Aberhart
Was Not Buried in Alberta

The Reason circulated by popular media and biographers as to why William Aberhart was not buried in Alberta and back in Calgary in particular is as follows.
That Mrs. Jessie Aberhart was so distraught by the critical and sometimes vicious treatment of her husband by some Albertans that she refused to have
him buried in the soil of Alberta where so much unhappiness took place.
The True Reason Is:
Mrs. Aberhart was quite ill in hospital when her husband died, and for a few days after. Moreover, other unhappy illness in the families of the two daughters
in Vancouver, also made travel by the families back to Alberta impossible.

Note the following quote from a report of the funeral given at the Calgary Memorial Service held at the Prophetic Bible Institute five days after the
Vancouver funeral: ( Principal Cyril Hutchinson )
" At first it had been hoped that we could have brought him here where so
many of you have loved him, but due to the fact of Mrs. Aberhart's illness,
and an unhappy combination of circumstances and illness in the homes of other members of the family, this wish had to give place to necessity.
The service was consequently arranged to take place in Vancouver."

Other circumstances included the fact that both of Mrs. Aberharts daughters
lived in Vancouver at the time and planning to reside with them, Mrs Aberhart
wanted to be close enough to the gravesite to visit it. She felt to transport
the body of her husband back to Alberta for a state funeral most of the family
could not attend, and to return the body to Vancouver for burial was an expense she did not want the taxpayers of Alberta to bear.

See Report Excerpts and the Speeck of Rev. Villet from the
June 1943 edition of The Prophetic Voice
- pdf

Patricia Hilton, daughter of eldest Aberhart daughter
Khona (Aberhart) Cooper

Listen To granddaughter Patricia Hilton recount the Family Illnesses
that dominated around the time of Aberhart's death
- mp3

Hear Patricia talk about the real reasons around locating
the burial of William Aberhart in Burnaby BC
- mp3

Daughters Desired Reburial of William and Jessie
aberhart in Calgary (See further Below for
documents and Radio show)

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Aberhart Memorial Sanatorium
Edmonton, Alberta, now known
as the
Aberhart Centre
11402 University Ave.


Rev. Cyril Hutchinson
shares in a engaging
written address
his recollections on
William Aberhart

Pdf dated around 1964


Produced by Tom Shandel of Getaway Films and first released on Vision TV in December 2004.
A very helpful documentary which points out the origins and contrasts of the two main political
movements birthed in the Prairies of Western Canada Contains rare video and audio clips of this era.
Note: Not all viewpoints expressed in this film
are necessarily endorsed by the William Aberhart Historical Foundation

Those Interested in Obtaining a Copy of the DVD or Video can contact Getaway Films at:

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aberhart funeral & burial
Wednesday - May 26th, 1943

William Aberhart Passed Away Early Sunday Morning,
May 23rd, 1943 at the Vancouver General Hospital
The Funeral was held at Vancouver at the
Canadian Memorial Church on Wed., May 26th.
Burial at Forest Lawn Cemetary in Burnaby BC

Forest Lawn Memorial Park & Cemetary in Burnaby, BC where William and Jessie Aberhart
and daughter Khona and granddaughter Patricia Hilton (Cooper) are buried.
It is located on the
Grandview Highway at Royal Oak Avenue, only a few miles from downtown Vancouver.

The Pond Just East of William Aberhart's Grave

The Bronze Grave Marker of Premier
Aberhart's Current Resting Place

calgary aberhart
Memorial service photos
Sunday May 30th, 1943 at the
calgary prophetic bible institute
1600 people in attendance.

After The Service Memorial Display

Front Row of Audience

View From Platform to Back Balcony

View from Balcony to Platform

Calgary & Edmonton Aberhart Memorial Service Program (PDF)
May 30th, 1943 at both locations

The Last Days Of Aberhart
A moving account by his granddaughter Patricia Hilton ( Cooper ) - mp3 1 hr.

Broadcast on AM1140 March 18th, 2007

To obtain a CD radio show of The Last Days Of Aberhart
on AM1140 Gospel Road
on Memories of a Premier's Granddaughter Click Here!

aberhart funeral
and Edmonton & calgary
News clippings

The following files are shot at 400 dpi to ensure
accurate , readable printing for research
You may find it quick to download to your hardrive
by right clicking at choose save Target as...

Text of Funeral Addresses by Rev. G.H. Villett
and Ernest C. Manning, May 26th, 1943

Vancouver Province News Coverage.
Large PDF FILE with Pictures - 25 pages

The Vancouver Sun Coverage ( PDF - 13 pages )

The Calgary Herald Coverage ( PDF - 6 pages )

The Edmonton Bulletin Coverage ( PDF - 37 pages )

The Calgary Albertan Coverage ( PDF - 6 pages )

The Globe and Mail ( PDF )

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Should The Aberharts be Reburied
Back In Calgary, Alberta?

The Aberhart daughters in the 1970's, thought that there parents should be
reburied back in Alberta, overlooking the fields of their labors.
They notes also in a letter to Eva Reid of the Albertan that
their mother also, Jessie Aberhart regretted not doing this very thing.
This is a vision worthy of fufilling if possible
Larry Heather outlined the vision in an edition of Gospel Road Radio

The Vision of the Reburial of William and Jessie Aberhart in Alberta
Gospel Road on AM1140 - October 11th, 2009 - mp3 - 1 hr.

Daughters Desired Reburial of William and Jessie
aberhart in Calgary (See Below)

Eva Reid's Albertan Article Interviewing both Khona & Ola
on February 11th, 1975
- pdf


Dedication of Aberhart
memoral Pipe organ
& N. de Grandmaison paintinG
Sunday Jan. 28th, 1945

Organ in Two Swell Boxes around Baptistry
Refinished platform & Portrait on right

Memorial portait by
n. de grandmaison
This Picture was hung on the right side of the Aberhart
Memorial Organ of the Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute after 1945.

Organ as It is Today in one Swell box
dunbar heights baptist Church
vancouver, b.c.

Memorial Organ Installation Service Bulletin
and News Account.

Hear Simon Couture V.P. of the Cassavant Organ
Company describe the original contract
for the Memorial Organ. mp3 file
( taken from Larry Heather's Interview
on the 2007 program 'Pilgrimage Of A Pipe Organ.'
To obtain the entire radio show - Click Here

Or listen to the show in mp3 below

Pilgrimage of a Pipe Organ
How the Aberhart Memorial Organ came from Calgary to Vancouver BC

Gospel Road, March 11th, 2007 - mp3 - 72 mins

Hear Dr. Frank Anderson
Play the Aberhart Memorial
Organ at Dunbar Heights Baptist

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I Remember Mr. Aberhart

Taken from Next Year Country -
Voices of Prairie People
by Barry Broadfoot
Toronto, ON: McClelland and Stewart, 1988.

I remember Mr. Aberhart very well. I never met him, but he was something else again. He really was. People of Alberta today, well, they just know him as a name, a religious fanatic. He wasn't that at all. He was a good man, a man who wanted to do the best he could for the poor farmers, and all the poor people of Alberta.

.....But one man even with his ideas couldn't fight the Depression, which was all over Alberta. People were literally starving in some places, and kids were not going to school because there was no shoes and warm clothing for them. That is a fact of life. I knew it personally.

But what Mr. Aberhart and his Social Credit did was give us hope. He said he'd get us out of this mess an we believed him. I guess we had to. What else was there to believe in? Crop failures, and burned out, and rusted out and no money coming in, because a farmer couldn't get enough money when he sold his wheat, or barley to pay for the cost of growing it. It was bad on the farms, and remember, oil hadn't been discovered yet in Alberta, so it was all farming, mostly, and people living in cities and towns and living off the farmer. If the farmer didn't make any money, well, it is easy to see that the people in the city wouldn't be doing any good at all.

Mr. Aberhart was a young man from Ontario who came to Alberta, and he was a very fine schoolteacher and was made a principal of a school. He was a religious man too, and he preached on the radio every week. There were a lot of people in the province who had radios by that time. Mr. Aberhart's program was called 'Back To The Bible Hour' and it was broadcast over CFCN Calgary, I think it was at three in the afternoon, and most people listened to him. It was a religious program, but after reading about Major Douglas and his Social Credit program, Mr. Aberhart took up his ideas and started mixing religion and how to run the country in the program. I don't think he asked for money, but somebody had to pay for the radio program, so people would send it in. My father would send in a dollar bill now and then. And then out of all this, there was more money than needed, and people in their letters would say that he was the leader to help us beat the Depression.

Gradually, it came clear to Mr. Aberhart that the people were sick and tired of the United Farmers of Alberta trying to run things, and the politicians in Eastern Canada, and we better do something about it. That's how it all started, and being religious they never called it a political party. They called it a movement. That was a much better word. It sounded more...well, more like it was a holy thing.

I think it was in '34 when Mr. Aberhart came to Taber to speak. There were a lot of United Church around there and a lot of Mormons and a few Catholics, but everybody showed up at this meeting. It was my fifteenth year and I didn't know squeak about politics, but I went with my mother and dad, being the oldest. My goodness, what a thing! There must have been five hundred people at his meeting that night. They knew that they'd never get that many in the hall, so that men started taking out the folding chairs so there would be more room for standing. And you know what? By the time it was meeting time there were about a thousand. In that little town, that little district.

Mr. Aberhart came down the road in a big car, and when he got out, a big man with a round face, a cheery man, everybody clapped and cheered and yelled. They almost roared. You never saw the likes of it. It was about fifteen minutes before he could get to the platform, because everybody, every blamed person, wanted to see him, touch his coat, you know.

When the meeting started, he could hardly talk for the cheering. He had a marvelous voice, a beautiful voice, and his speech just rolled out, and everything he said made sense. That was Mr. Aberhart. Nobody there except a few, I guess, knew what he was saying was not going to work. We just wanted somebody to say that he had a plan to make things better. That he could do it and he needed our help. That was what he was saying. With our help and God's help Mr. Aberhart could make Social Credit work.

My father told me later he knew Mr. Aberhart's Social Credit would'nt work. Ottawa and the politicians wouldn't let him make it work, but that wasn't why Dad voted for him. He said he would even vote for a talking telephone pole if he thought the pole would give people hope. That it would give them some confidence in themselves and what they did best, growing wheat and giving themselves and their families a good life and in a God-fearing way.

Well, in that country nobody understood much of what he was talking about - the Social Credit money theory, what they called 'Funny Money' in the newspapers - and I'll say this, he didn't harp on it too much. But even is people didn't understand, they understood the man behind these words. He was telling us there was hope. That it wouldn't always be like this.

When he said he'd realized that something had to change, he told us about the thing that changed his mind completely, and he said that's why he was up on the platform. He said one of his students a couple of years before, in high school, had become so desperate about the way things were going, with his life and his family, and the people in his town, the hardship, the despair we all felt, that he saw no future in his life, and he hanged himself. That shook everybody up. A young man committing suicide, and that was the most terrible thing to do in those days.

People came out of that meeting and they talked about Mr. Aberhart for days and weeks. There was no doubt about how most people would vote, and on voting day it showed up right there. The Social Credit got what is called a landslide, and here was Mr. Aberhart and now Mr. Premier, and he didn't know anything about about politics and government. He was just a good and kindly man, and you know what? When his days were over, he didn't die rich. He didn't even die wealthy. He died just like an ordinary school principal and preacher like he was.

Oh they talk about him. They say he was a fool. You know, a dreamer and a madman and a fool and a phoney, but he wasn't. He went across the grain and he did a lot of things wrong, but in my heart I know that everything he did, was for the good of the people. You, me, everybody. He failed of course. The Supreme Court in Ottawa, those Tories and Liberals, they wouldn't let him put his money plans into use. But a lot of us, in our seventies and on up, we carry Mr. Aberhart around with us in our hearts.


Psalm 78: 1-8
In Tribute to the Life of
William Aberhart, his accomplishments, and the
great opposition he endured for the sake of his faithful calling.

"Give ear, O my people, to my law: incline your ears to the words of my mouth. I will open my mouth in a parable: I will utter dark sayings of old; Which we have heard and known, and our fathers have told us.

We will not hide them from their children, showing to the generation to come the praises of the Lord, and his strength, and his wonderful works he has done. For he established a testimony in Jacob, and appointed a law in Israel, which he commanded our fathers, that they should make them known to their children:

That the generation to come might know them, even the children which should be born; who should arise and declare them to their children. That they might set their hope in God, and not forget the works of God, but keep His commandments:

And might not be as their fathers, a stubborn and rebellious generation; a generation that set not their heart aright, and whose spirit was not steadfast with God."

Mrs. Muriel Manning Shares On Aberhart's
Last Challenge
( mp3 - 1965 Anniv)

Radio Notice of Aberhart's Death - pdf

Mrs Jessie Aberhart

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Aberhart's Wife was a source of much strength and
encouragement throughout his many careers.

Mrs. William (Jessie) Aberhart

News Clippings About Jessie Aberhart (PDF)

Jessie Aberhart Letters & Pictures (PDF)

Hear Joyce Wright, daughter of Clifford Willmot
on her memory as a five year old in
presenting Mrs. Jessie Aberhart with
flowers the night of the first Social Credit Win.

- mp3 August 22nd, 1935

Joyce Wright Remembers Mrs. Aberhart

Jessie Aberhart 1935

Ola and Khona - Aberhart's Daughter's
Undated Photo in Calgary

New Clippings On Aberhart Family PDF

A Hightlight their time in office was the Royal Visit Of 1939

Premier Aberhart and Jessie greet the King


Patricia (Cooper) Hilton Recalls Her
Train Trips To Edmonton

to be with her grandparents.
from The Aberhart's : Memories
of a granddaughter
To Obtain 2 week radio show
Click Here

Patti Aberhart with Grandpa William Aberhart
taken in Vancouver on vacation
He is tickling her as she whispers a secret to grandpa.

James Martin Cooper -husband of Khona Cooper Aberhart
and Patricia Hiltons father.
War Ranking in RAF and Wartime Poem Memories
written by James Cooper - pdf

Patricia (Cooper) Hilton
went to be with Lord and Saviour
Jesus Christ on Nov. 14th, 2013
Thanks Patti, for sharing your
memories of your Grandpa & Grandma William and Jessie Aberhart
-Patti's Memorial Service Bulletin
- pdf.

Marilyn Ross and Patricia Janette Cooper

Patricia Cooper as Pacific Western
Airlines Stewardess and Nurse

The Ontario Family & HomeLife
of the Young William Aberhart

William Aberhart's Parents and Siblings in Ontario
cf. 1891 ?

R to L - Back Row: (Standing) - Louis (Lou) -Blacksmith & Mechanic /
John ( Jack ) - Mechanic / William (Will) - Teacher, Evangelist, Future
Premier of Alberta.
Middle Row ( Seated)Mrs. Louisa Aberhart ( nee Pepper
) /
Charles ( Charlie ) - Druggist / Augusta ( Sis ) - Rooming House Keeper /
Mr. William Aberhart Sr - Farmer. ( Tuckersmith & Hibbert Townships , Ont.
Front Row: Monetta ( Nettie ) - Bookkeeper and Housewife /
Wilfred ( Wilfie ) - Barber / Henry ( Harry ) - Jack of All Trades
Irene Barett ( nee Aberhart, daughter of Henry, and later adopted by
Louis upon the former's death ) , was a neice of Williams drew the names
on the back of the photo

william aberhart at 19 years of age

William's Seaforth High School Grad Program - Oct. 1st, 1897

William Aberhart (middle row on right), Left Back with theSeaforth Collegiate Institute Football Team
Winners of the Hough Cup for 1897

19 yr old LeftBack Footballer William Aberhart

This Is The Aberhart Family House today in Perth County, Ontario
near Egmondville where William Aberhart Jr. lived with
his family from 1886 on when he was eight years old.

Alberta Family Histories Society
William Aberhart Family Record (pdf format)

Aberhart and Mother Louisa (Pepper)Aberhart at
age 84 years in 1932 in Ontario

William Aberhart visits aging Mother and brother Charles at his home in
Seaforth Ont.after becoming Alberta Premier in 1935.

William Aberhart Biography Used at the 35th Anniversary of Social Credit
in Edmonton Jubilee - August 22nd - 1970 - pdf

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William Aberhart Park
(Dedicated in Calgary - August 25th, 1999)

Park at 2nd St. and 24th Ave. SW Calgary
During Winter Time

View of Community Garden Plots

Children's Play Area

Aberhart Sign at Fort Calgary Radio Room at Fort Calgary

Another Aberhart Place Name

The Aberhart Road is located between Bashaw and Donalda
on Highway 53 in Camrose County Alberta
(more information on it's history is needed.)

Other Internet Links

1943 Tribute to William Aberhart also on:

The Website dedicated to Flight Sergeant Harry E. Hansell

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Provincial Museum of Alberta Obtains
William Aberhart Family Collection

Collection of 150 items awaits display space for
this unique display. Phone the museum and let
them know you would like to see it displayed soon, as Alberta celebrates it's 100th. year

Waking A Slumbering Giant
William Aberhart's Limousine

See Fall 2009 Edition of
Heritage Property Corporation's Highlights

on the restoration of what is believed to be
William Aberhart's Government Limousine. - pdf

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ernest & muriel manning
aberhart's finest protégés
Ernest Manning and Muriel Preston both came
to know William Aberhart at young ages, and his
influence and example profoundly impacted their
development, and subsequent activities.

***NewsFlash Jan. 30th-2010***
Great Hall Of Art Gallery of Alberta Named after
Longest serving premier
The Art Gallery of Alberta was dedicated January 30th, 20th
in Edmonton. The official ribbon cutting took place on
Saturday, Jan. 30th, 2010. It was announced by Member of
Parliament Rona Ambrose that the Great Hall at the Art
Gallery of Alberta ( AGA ) will be named after Ernest C.
Manning, who served as the Premier of Alberta for 25 years
until 1968.

InDuctee - Alberta
order of Excellence
Lt. Governor of Alberta
Award To Ernest Charles Manning - 1981
link to webpage

ernest Charles manning

September 20th, 1908 - February 17th,1996

See Other News Items On Ernest Manning Earlier on this Page

A Tribute To Ernest Manning On His 50th Birthday
September 30th, 1958
by Alf Hooke - pdf

alberta's 'master builder' in 1970
Son Preston Gives Tribute in Funeral Eulogy
and other coverage. - pdf

Other Memorial NewsCoverage Of
Ernest C. Manning - pdf

Large File - Download Will Be Slow

J. Martin Hattersley
Former Leader of the Social Credit Party of Canada
Gives a March 1996 Eulogy remembering
Ernest C. Manning - pdf

Speaker at 1971 Election Rally in Edmonton

See Preacher Page for the Manning's
Back To The Bible Hour Radio Involvement

See Principal Page for Namesake School Information
Ernest C. Manning High School , Calgary

See Premiers Page for Politcal Material
on Premier Ernest C. Manning

Ernest Manning named to Alberta Order
of Excellence, November 30th, 1981. - pdf

Senator Ernect C. Manning and Lt. - Gov Frank Lynch-Staunton

Ernest Manning designated Honorary Associate
Conference Board of Canada Oct. 10th, 1984

Memorial Program of Ernest C. Manning
Friday February 23rd, 1996
at the First Alliance Church in Calgary. - pdf

The Good Steward
A Biography of Ernest C. Manning
By Brian Brennan

A very valuable addition to the study of
the life of Ernest C. Manning.
Note: Not all viewpoints expressed in this book
reflect the stance of the William Aberhart
Historical Foundation

Review on this book & Manning Bio - pdf

Brian Brennan Website
Find out how to purchase this book

HEAR Gospel Road on AM1140 Where
Larry Heather Interview Pt. 1 of 3 with
Brian Brennan - mp3

Read Brian Brennan's 1996 Tribute Column to
Ernest C. Manning - pdf

Ernest C. Manning
among Giants

This 2010 Release is a Evangelical viewpoint
of the late Premier. It is written by
Ron Pegg, a longtime History teacher from Ontario
who has made a lifelong study of
Ernest Manning's career.
It gives a wide angle lens
coverage of the life and times of Ernest C. Manning
with particular illumination on the
historical backdrop of the
Provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan
and contrasted with the UFA-CCF/NDP
contrasts with the Social Credit Movement.
127 pages, 2010
Word Alive Press,
Winnipeg, Manitoba


Review of Giant Among Giants
by Larry Heather
published Oct. 2010 by City Light News Calgary

canada post issues
ernest C. Manning stamp
in a 1998 Issue of ten former
Provincial prmeiers

Manning Inovation awards

The Ernest C. Manning Awards Foundation
has been recognizing innovation in Canada since 1982. Canadians who have demonstrated recent innovative talent and successfully marketed their innovation may be eligible for one of four Awards from the $100,000 Principal Award to the $10,000 Innovation Award.
Go to the Manning innovation awards
Website to see the latest

OilMan & Philanthropist
David Mitchell
Instrumental In Founding
the manning Inovation Awards
Passes Away Aug. 16th, 2010 - pdf

THe Ernest C. Manning Chair
is the position ocuppied by the Head
of the Canadian Studies program
of the Faculty of Communications
and Culture at the University of Calgary

Albera Champions MemorialiZe

Alberta Champions is proud to have been invited to locate our third Field of Fame at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Calgary. The third Field of Fame was installed in October 2012. The worthy individuals recognized at that site include Mary Dover, Bob Edwards, Father Albert Lacombe, Ernest C. Manning, Frederick C. Mannix, and Nellie McClung.

Ernest Manning Field of Fame Wheat Stock
Legend Below in 3 Parts

Muriel Preston as a young girl

their life together

Marriage Of Ernest and Muriel - pdf
Tuesday, April 14th, 1936 - 8 PM
at Calgary Prophetic
Bible Institute

Down the stairs from the Bible Institute Sanctuary
into the Lobby of waiting friends.

The Wedding Party
Ernest Manning & Muriel Preston
Cyril & Ruth Hutchinson Best Man
Eva Underwood BridesMaid (far right)

The Quietest Success Story In Canada
Profile of the Manning Family
December 1951 - Canadian Home Journal - pdf

Ernest Manning Family 1951
( L-R Keith, Muriel, Preston, Ernest )

Second Manning Home at 8597 - 112th St. W. in Edmonton

International Social Credit Tributes

Manasseh Sogavare Greetings To 70th Anniversary
of the Alberta Social Credit August 21st, 2005

Tribute to William Aberhart's Influence Even Today

(President - Solomon Islands Social Credit Party)