William Aberhart was Principal of Branford Central Collegiate High School in Ontario. 1905-10
When he came to Calgary in 1910 he was also Principal of three schools before
taking Crescent Heights in 1915.
Alexandria 1910-11
Mount Royal Public School 1912
King Edward School - 1913-14

Excerpt on the Principals of King Edward - pdf

King Edward School to become Arts Centre 2016 - pdf
Aberhart organized a well-attended drama there in 1914, the first
Theatrical Performance ever staged by the Calgary Board of Education

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Principal William Aberhart

First Principal 1915-1935

William Aberhart was the Founding Principal of the Crescent Heights High School in Calgary in 1915.
(Began in old Balmoral School building which included elementary grades. -see below)
Along with his other endeavors he was a highly skilled teacher and administrator, and did an admirable job in placing Crescent Heights in the top rankings in Canada until his duties as Premier of Alberta called him away from the school in 1935. In 2005 during the Province's Centennial, Crescent Heights High School celebrated it's 90th Anniversary. The new Cresent Heights Building completed in 1929 is pictured above.

Balmoral School Site

The Earliest Years of Crescents Heights High
(1915 to 1928)
were conducted in the Balmoral School where
Principal Aberhart also presided over the Elementary School there. Today it serves as Balmoral Junior High. An example of the last and most expensive of the Sandstone Schools Constructed in Calgary before the end of World War One.
(See details on Plaque below.)

Link to More Bamoral History

Principal Aberhart with Young (Gr.10?) Class at Balmoral phase of Crescent Heights

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1918 crescent heights high staff

1918 Staff
Back Row: Mr. Woodman, Mr. Ferguson
Third Row: Mr. Aberhart, Mr. McKerricher, Mr. Andrews
Second Row: Ms. McKellar, Ms. Gamble

Front Row: Ms. Cunningham, Ms. Alford

Humour of the day from the Bugle Yearbook 1923
There is a Story of a man who brought his son for entrance to a certain college, and who wished to have him take a shorter course than the regular one. "My boy can never take all that in," said the father. "He wants to get through quicker. Can you arrange it?"
"Oh, yes," said the president, "he can take a short course. It all depends on what you want to make of him. When God makes an oak, He takes one hundred years, but He takes only two months to make a squash."

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1923 crescent heights high staff

1923 Staff
Top Row: (l to r) Mr. Breken, Mr. Adamson, Miss McKellar, Mr. Ferguson, Mr. Hay
Bottom Row: Mr. Campbell, Miss Todd, Miss Alford, Mr. Aberhart (Principal), Miss Giles, Miss Ball, Mr. Smith

William Aberhart - 1922-23 Class Picture

Rutherford Debate Cup Provincial Champs 1915-16

In Mr. Aberhart's first year as Crescent Heights
Principal, no doubt coaching the team in oration and logic,
they gained the Rutherford Cup.
Back Row: Ethel Hopkins, Mr. W. Aberhart, Mabel Giles
Front Row: James Davisson, Roger Hibbard, Tom Tidball

A long tradition of debating was begun and carried
on at his namesake school, William Aberhart High
where the debate teams have won international awards.

See Article March 27th, 1965 'Famed Principal' pdf

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high school moves from balmoral to New
crescent heights building in 1929

More History On The Crescent Height Building

historic monument plaque to
william abherhart in foyer of
old crescent heights school gym

English Text Of Monument Plaque
William Aberhart 1878-1943

A prominent figure in Canadian political history " Bible Bill" Aberhart took the lead in establishing the Social Credit Party in Alberta. He became Premier in 1935 and remained in office until his death. He achieved this success through the enthusiasm for organization and the extraordinary ability as a public speaker which made him a successful high school principal in Calgary and the best known evangelical preacher in Canada. He was among the first public figures to recognize the uses of radio, whose possibilities he displayed as an evangelist, and mastered as a politician.

Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada
Government Of Canada

Principal William Aberhart at his Crescent Heights Desk

The Teaching Certificates of William Aberhart
in his Alberta and Ontario Teaching Careers - pdf

Official Historic Plaque Ceremony
at Crescent Heights High on Aberhart
May 23, 1981

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1965 reminiscenses on crescent
50th Anniversary

Mabel C. Giles
Reminiscenses 50th Anniversary Issue - pdf

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Audio memories of former crescent Heights
teaching staff

Florence todd B.A.
1. Florence Remembers Aberhart
as a mentor and friend with
active outside interests.
- mp3

2. Florence talks about the staff's good-natured
ribbing of Aberhart's 'Branding Irons' play
and some concern among the School
Board when He starts to build the Bible Institute.

- mp3

3. Florence Todd talks about a Grade 12
despair and suicide, and criticism of the teachers
in the depression era, that drove Aberhart to seek for a solution. He embarked
on a study of social credit priniciples while
marking departemental exams in Edmonton and knew he had found his answer.

- mp3
Shortly after this, he would ask the Bible Institute
Board permission to integrate Social Credit teaching into his Sunday afternoon Evangelistic and Bible Prohecy radio broadcasts. ( see Preacher Page )

mabel giles, B.a.

Mabel Remembers Mr. Aberhart
No Nonsense Approach to Discipline
- mp3

Miss Giles also was an ardent supporter and teacher
in the Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute with
Mr. Aberhart in the off hours, and later taught
as well in the Berean Bible College when it was

audio memories of former students of
william aberhart at crescent heights

Norman J. Pickard
was both a student of Mr. Aberhart's and later a Chemistry Teacher and Vice-Principle of Crescent Heights. Norman wrote several texts books in his day, and remembers Mr. Aberhart as a highly efficient, organized, and popular Principal.

Memories of William Aberhart at Crescent Heights Collegiate High School
By a student who went onto being a Vice Principal and Chemistry/Physics Teacher
Gospel Road January 1st, 2012 - mp3 1 hour

To obtain the complete 2 week
Radio Show of Mrs. Manning's
My Memories of William Aberhart
Click Here!
Mrs Muriel (Preston) Manning Shares on AM1140 Gospel Road
Jan. 16th, 2005 on her days
as a Crescent Heights
student under Principal William Aberhart
(3:42 mins)
Miss Mary Macomber was also a student under William Aberhart and had to make some choices about extra cirricular classes. mp3
(Private Interview with Larry Heather - 4:40mins)

Zena Drabinski

Blanche Gelfond
Grade 8 Grad Diploma
of Art's Dixon's
Signed By Aberhart, July 25, 1936

(Note Engraved Border with
Busy As A Beaver Theme and
Bible verse on Wisdom.)

Bible Readings and the Lord's Prayer
were once integral parts of each classroom
morning. ( This guide was adapted by
Minister Aberhart from an existing
Ontario booklet. )
Bible Readings
For Schools.
(PDF file download)
Principal Aberhart
later became Minister of Alberta Education and adapted this text
to be used as a guide in the schools along with the reciting of the Lord's Prayer daily. (Slow Loading)

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william aberhart's Outstanding
Educational Reforms
as Minister of Education

G. Fred McNally - Deputy Minister Of Education
worked closely with William Aberhart

"I met Mr. Aberhart on his way to lunch in the
Macdonald Hotel with a number of his colleagues.
After congratulating him I said,
'When you are selecting your Minister of Education, don't
overlook yourself'......When the cabinet was announced a
week later, I was thrilled to see that he had done as
I suggested."

Read G. Fred McNally Estimation of his
time with William Aberhart,
Premier and Minister of Education

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Alberta Teachers AssociatioN
william Aberhart

1935 & 1943 Writings and Honors for
William Aberhart ( PDF )

William Aberhart Gold Medal -site link

See Lethbridge Herald Article noting the
2010 recipient of the ATA Aberhart Gold Medal
Gysberdina Howe

William Aberhart: Instrumental
In The Early Years - pdf
ATA Magazine - December 10th, 3012

William Aberhart Gold Medal in Education

Awarded by the Alberta Teachers Association
To Exceptional Students each year at the
University Of Lethbridge
Each year, the Association awards a gold medal to the student at each of the four faculties of education who attains the highest general proficiency in the final two years of a Bachelor of Education program. These awards are administered by the student awards office affiliated with each institution and are generally awarded at convocation ceremonies in the spring.
Mr Aberhart's political involvement and interest in social credit theories led to his election to the Alberta Legislature where he served as premier and minister of education. He was responsible for the establishment of large units of school administration and sponsored The Teaching Profession Act and The Teachers' Retirement Fund Act.
2006 Award
William Aberhart Gold Medal in Education
Awarded to Heather Reddekopp, University of Lethbridge
Heather Reddekopp is the recipient of the William Aberhart Gold Medal from the University of Lethbridge. Originally from Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Reddekopp moved to Lethbridge in 1999 to attend university. In addition to her studies, Reddekopp worked as a dance instructor in Lethbridge and Taber. She plans to work as a substitute teacher in Lethbridge and surrounding area.

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The Universtiy of Alberta
Reversal Of Aberhart
Honorary Degree Scandal

Hear the Story Yourself From
the late Dr. Brigham Card
Professor Emeritus
Sociology of Education
University of Alberta

Dr. Brigham Card, Age 92
Passed Away June 6th, 2006
in Lethbridge Alberta. He was a tiredless advocate for the
Restoration Of William Aberhart's Honorary Degree
to right the record.
To Obtain Dr. Card's full
radio show, " The Speech
Never Given."
Click Here!
or listen to the Mp3 link below

The Speech Never Given with Guest Dr. Brigham Card
on Gospel Road AM1140 radio - Nov. 13th - 2005
- mp3 54 min.

Read excerpt in Walter Johns own words from 'A History of The University of Alberta
(14 pages PDF)

Hear Show
Intro to The Speech Never Given

Gospel Road
Nov. 13th, 2005
AM1140 Radio
High River
(2 mins, MP3)

Interview With
Dr. Card

(17 mins MP3)

Fall 1998
The Most

Deputy Minister Of Education Breaks News To Aberhart
" I had been selected to report the action of the Senate
to the Premier.... President Kerr felt that he had been
betrayed by his people and presented his resignation.
G.Fred McNally

" I regard this as the most disgraceful episode in the history of the University."

Read G. Fred McNally's Account of the Aberhart Honorary
Degree Reversal. -pdf

It Must Have Been with mixed feelings on the part of
both, when Ernest Manning was awarded a honorary
L.L.D. by G. Fred McNally at the University of Alberta in the
convocation of 1948. An honour ingloriously snatched away
from McNally's Minister of Education and Manning's mentor
William Aberhart in the spring of 1941, seven years earlier.

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the bugle yearbook
archives 1920-35

Crescent Heights Collegiate High School Bugle Archives
1920 to 1935
Selected Topics Below in PDF format
Which Cover the era of William Aberhart's Principalship.

(Large PDF files - some take a few minues to download. Patience is rewarded.)

1929 School Logo

William Aberhart Challenge to Students on Hope
from the 1928 Edition of the Bugle Yearbook

as read by Larry Heather - mp3

Note: The Bugle started publication only by 1920, Aberhart's sixth year as principal. Originally started as a literary journal for students expression, it gradually assumes a yearbook format. A Search of
Balmoral School Library has not turned up additional material so far on the year's 1915-20 when Aberhart was Principal of both schools.

Larry Heather - Aberhart Foundation Webmaster and Researcher
Principal Aberhart's Yearly
Challenge to the Students
The Bugle Covers and Selected Ads
1920 to 1935
Osbourne & Rutherford
Debate Cups
Aberhart Era Crescent Hts Sports
Staff at Crescent Heights 1918-35
Students of Crescent Heights 1916 on to 1934 (some yrs missing)
Drama Club and Productions
Music Choral and Orchestra
Other Clubs at Crescent Heights
Crescent Heights Building History
Humor and Jokes of the Bugle
Prose & Literary Writings
Poems and Songs
Principal Aberhart's Outside Correspondence File
Mostly 1933-34

Lloyd Erickson Singers
from Cresent Heights School
Performed at the 1965 - 30th Anniversary of
The Social Credit Party Wins

1. Hear Lloyd's Introduction by Mr. Ian
Smith - mp3

2. Hear the Song Something To Sing About by Lloyd's Singers. - mp3 - by Oscar Brand

Crescent Heights High School
Link to History In Pictures For 2010
95th Anniversary

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william aberhart high School

Dedicated Apr. 14th, 1959

3009 Morley Trail NW
Calgary, AB T2M 4G9
Phone: 403-289-2551

Link to School Website


See Dedication News of William Aberhart
High School

Apr. 14, 1959

William Aberhart
high School calgary

Aberhart High School
Dedication Service
April 13th, 1959

After Mrs. James M. Cooper ( Khona Aberhart) , eldest daughter of William Aberhart greets the crowd she unveils the
special portrait for the High School, painted by Mr. Turner-Taylor. Before Premier Ernest C. Manning ( sixth from the left ) addresses the dedication, a solo is sung by Aberhart's granddaughter, Mrs. Dauna Alexander ( daughter of Ola
Aberhart McNutt , the youngest Aberhart daughter.)
Mrs. Jessie Aberhart, wife of William is in the audience.

Dedication Article and Pictures
and News
(pdf) from the
Calgary Herald, April 14th, 1959
with William Aberhart Relatives and
Premier Ernest C. Manning Officiating
First Year Clubs - Pictures
pdf Large File - Slow download

First Graduation, May 31st, 1961

Second Graduating Class , May 31st, 1962

Newsclips and Pictures of
Aberhart Acheivers 1959 -1963

pdf ( Large File )

First Opus Yearbook One 1958-59

Aberhart High School
25th Anniversary

Program and Pictures - pdf

Aberhart high School
50th Anniversary

April 17 and 18, 2009

Registration Tops 650 at 50th Reunion

Link to Reunion Website

Aberhart Foundation Booth at Reunion Weekend
Complete with Video, Audio, and Website Internet Link

DownLoad 50th Program

50th Anniversary Key Ring

The Chandels had their origin at
the namesake school of William Aberhart and
performed on Saturday night of the reunion.

The William Aberhart Choir under Trevor Waters
& The William Aberhart Symphonic Band under
Kevin Willms put on impressive performances at
the 50th Ceremony. The Art Room Display of the
student's projects was outstanding.
The most touching moment was the restoration
of 17 years of the class pictures from 1961 to 1977
which had been destroyed in a mishap several years
earlier. Kudos to Principal Jacques Ferguson for
co-ordinating the team which restored this precious
legacy for the returning alumni!

William Aberhart High School
Scholarship Fund Contributions
can be designated through
Education Matters
Calgary's Public Education Trust

Aberhart High Becomes Canada's First Tri-Lingual Teaching
High School with the Inclusion of the
New Spainish Language Learning Program

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ernest manning
high school Calgary

Ernest C. Manning was William Aberhart's Most Prominent Student and Protege
This Is His Namesake School

See Topical PDF NewClips PDF below

Address : 3600 16 Ave SW
Calgary, AB , T3C 1A5
(403) 249-3131

Dedication Plaques
May 28, 1963

Ernest manning high School website

Named After William Aberhart's No. 1 protege , the Ernest Manning High School in West Calgary is slated for demolitian to make way for the west leg of the LRT transit railway. We can rightfully expect that the new school to be built to the west will continue to carry this honorable name into educational history

C-Train threatens high schools heritage
See Herald article, oct. 9th, 2008

Fill Survey Form Choice to
Naming Commitee for New High School
Building - Choose Option One

Retain Ernest Manning High Name
Deadline - June 1st, 2009

July 8th Herald News
Ernest Manning Name to Transfer to
New Building
A measure of sanity prevails !

Save Ernest Manning High Name
Join this Facebook Group

Hear Garrett Hausberg's
Radio Interview on May 24th, 2009 Mp3
(Manning High Student- Grade 11)

School Dedication Program & 1963 News pdf

Ernest Manning High School
Building Closure Alumni Event
Before Name is Transferred to
New Building

September 2, 3, 4, 5 - 2010
See the Website Below To Register

Fond Memories Of Old Manning High Location
Alumni Reunion Sept. 2010 - pdf

Alumni Event Celebration Schedule
There will be tours thru the school so you can reminisce about classrooms, certain hallways, etc.

Thursday, Sept 2 – Homecoming (7pm – 11pm)
Cash bar, cash food venues, raffles, music, lots of fun

Friday, Sept 3 – Homecoming (7pm – 11pm)
Cash bar, cash food venues, raffles, music, lots of fun

Saturday, Sept 4 – Jamaica Farewell (6:30pm – 1am)
Cash Bar, buffet dinner (on us!), raffles, dancing and lots of fun

Sunday, Sept 5 – Family Day (noon to 4pm)
Non-alcoholic, cash food venue, kid’s games, music, raffles

Pre buy sales end April 30, 2010 then these prices will go up. Final Registration will be July 31 2010

Hear the Crescent Heights Lloyd Erickson Singers
resing the song they sang at the dedication of the school when the Ernest Manning High School was dedicated in 1963.
The Lord Is My Shepherd
- mp3

Opening Program and promotion
ernest Manning High in 1963 - pdf

ExSoldier Paul Hughes
fights for replacement flag
at Ernest Manning High.

Calgary Sun - June 9th, 2009

School Board neglect flags
at Numerous Schools.

fraser institute ranks
ernest Manning High
moving on up

June 2009
Fraser Institute Ranks
Ernest Manning high
MOving on up - pdf

Save Ernest Manning High Name
Week One - May 24th, 2009 - mp3 - 1 hr

Save Ernest Manning High Name
Week Two- June 7th, 2009 - mp3 - 1 hr

Manning High SchoolSTudents - Alumni
Meetbrian Brennan
Author of The Good Steward:
The Ernest C. Manning Story
oN AM1140 Radio
May 16th, 2010 (mp3 below)

L to R - Susan Hausberg (Storm - Grad. 1977)
Joren Tzitzoglakis Grad. 2010 Volleyball
Garrett Hausberg - Grad. 2010
Adam Hausberg - Grad. 2008 Football

They all had many good questions for award winning
Author and Journalist Brian Brennan ( below )

Hear The Entire Show
Manning High Meets Brian Brennan - Mp3

Book Available at Bookstores
and www.brianbrennan.com

manning High art
saved from the
wrecking ball
June 2010

See May 10th, 2010 Article on Student Art
Being Saved for New Manning Buiding - pdf

Manning Students Took Block
On Tour in Spring of 1975

See Full August 24th, 2010 Brick Article - pdf

Fond Farewell to Manning Teacher Barry Marks
Sept. 2nd , 2010 Calgary Herald

The Great blue Jeans Protest of '68

Manning High Sponsors
Anglo India Student peter Stemberg
to Canada

September 1972

ernest manning high pdf topics
Over The Years at Ernest Manning High
If you have any contributions
they are welcome.
10. Music at Manning High
11. Debating Teams at Manning High
12. Teacher Achievements ( more articles welcome )
13. Individual Student Achievements
14. Special Manning High 'Happenings'
Includes: The Great BlueJean Protest of 1968
The Manning High Sponsorship of Peter Stemberg
The funeral of Sgt. Keith Harrison - part only


page Index