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Calgary Prophetic
Bible Institute

First CPBI Executive Committee Members
Good Friday, April 15th, 1927
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The fundraising for a permanent Bible School was commenced as soon as William Aberhart hit the airwaves in 1925 on CFCN Calgary. In two years, his radio listeners by buying a brick, roof beam, etc had enabled the Prophetic Movement Board to pay for the $65,000 needed to construct the Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute at
516 - 8 Ave W.
His Radio program and the Westbourne Baptist Church he was an elder in, all moved into the building in the fall of 1927 when the first year of the Institute as the Calgary Prophetic Bible Movement changed into the Bible Institute.

To Obtain the 2 week radio show on
The Prophetic Bible Institute
Staff & Student Recollections
Click Here.

Cribbing from West Side On 516 - 8th Ave West
Notice the Green Lantern Restaurant on the East Side

Finished Building with Sign, note Used Car Lot on Left (west) Green Lantern Restaurant on right.(east)
Aberhart's Office was at the front lower left window.

William Aberhart Outside the Front Doors Of the Bible Institute

Front of Sanctuary, Note Baptimal Tank Above

William Aberhart at his Bible Institure Office
Earlier Times

Later Times
See Above Outside Picture for Office Location
within the building.

Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute Board ca. 1930
William Aberhart, B.A. - President / Rev. Dr. Imrie, B.A. Vice-President
F. Hertzsprung -Literature Steward / Dr. W.P. Harvey - Tract Steward/
Charles Pearce - Treasurer / Fred Battisto / George Walker

The famous Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute Sign Streetside.
It is hard to understimate how important the impact this buiding had
upon the history of Alberta. The sign itself was lighted internally
so the letters would glow with fluorescent light. A lite ladder at
the back would be used to change the bulbs.
It rather reminds us of a Bible standing up, and merged on the top
with the pillar of cloud and fire that guided the Israelites in the wilderness,
and the Institute outline on the bottom in which the Instructors received the
revelation from God and trained students to follow the Biblical precepts.

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In the original first class, a certain Saskatchewan farm boy converted by Aberhart's preaching over a crystal radio set he had orderd by mail - 17 year old Ernest C. Manning.

At Age 17 Fresh Off The Farm to the Prophetic
Ernest C. Manning from Rosetown Saskatchewan
became the Bible Institute's first graduate
and then Institute Secretary serving
Mr. Aberhart. Later to become Premier Of
Alberta after William Aberhart's death..
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Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute Staff ca. 1930
Front Row: Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Harvey, Mrs. Mary Preston (Muriel's
Mother teaching English) Miss Landymore, Miss MacIntosh
Back Row: Dr. Harvey, Dr. Imrie, Dean Aberhart, Ernest Manning
(this is Ernest about a year after graduating as the Institute's first graduate)

Students Assemble Downstairs - Likely For Daily Chapel

The Prophetic Dorms

Prophetic Girls Dorm House (top)
Some of the Bible School Boys
Played Outdoor Pranks on the Girls
according to an authoritative source.

Where Prophetic Students had Fun

Crystal SKating Rink

Many Hours of Recreation Were Enjoyed at
this Rink, and in the Summer right
beside it, the Crystal Swimming Pool.

Tea Kettle Inn

This was a favorite place for tea and a treat
and many Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute gals made their
way through school working here.Owner
Horace King became a Christian in the
Depression and was convicted to
ceased the very popular Tea Leaves Readings.
After some tough months on the verge
of bankruptcy, the Business rebounded
without the Readings. Horace went on to
write and publish a post World War II book
on his testimony and challenge to discipleship
titled, Reconstruction.
Antiques were also
sold in this restauranta and weekly night
auctions were also held.

See Entire Tea Kettle
Booklet - pdf

The Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute
staff & Student Recollections
Gospel Road Radio Show on AM1140

Week One: Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute
Staff & Student Recollections

Gospel Road May 29th, 2005 on AM1140 Radio - 1 hr. mp3

Week Two: Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute
Staff & Student Recollections

Gospel Road June 5th, 2005 on AM1140 Radio - 1 hr. mp3

To obtain a two week CD radio show
on AM1140 Gospel Road
on the Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute Click Here! or
or Listen Above (mp3 - 2 CD's- 1 hr. each)

Evangelistic Street Meetings

The Original Bellows Operated Street Organ
Used for Calgary Prophetic Bible Inst. Street Meetings

Street Meeting Songbook used by CPBI Students
Words Only Edition - Pickering and Inglis Ltd
(This particular one was stamped Edmonton Prophetic Conference
and was used when the movement established in Edmonton after 1935)

Gospel Literature Briefcase Likely Used by Itinerant
Evangelists and Students from the Calgary Prophetic
Bible Institute. Made by Great West Saddlery Ltd.


Student Body in Early Days, n.d.

From the Platform - Aberhart Memorial Service May 30rd, 1943

Sanctuary During Meeting in 1946
Note Memorial Portrait of Aberhart on Right Top
and the Installed Aberhart Memorial Organ
Ernest Manning In Pulpit, Bill Laing Left, Cyril Hutchinson Right

Aberhart Memorial Pipe Organ Above
was installed in 1945
More details on the Organ at The Man page of this site.
Hear a Special Radio Program below to learn where it now resides

Pilgrimage of a Pipe Organ
Gospel Road on AM1140 - March 11th, 2007 - 72 mins

To obtain a CD radio show
on AM1140 Gospel Road
on the Pilgrimage of a Pipe Organ Click Here! or
or Listen Above (mp3- 1 hr. each)

Premier Manning Preaching at Radio Broadcast - post 1945

Ernest & Muriel Manning with Prophetic Institute Management? After Aberhart era. nd

Betty Kisser of Edmonton tells how she
decided to become a Calgary Prophetic
Bible Institute and what she remembers
of those days. - mp3

Mary Macomber was a faithful teacher, being
8 years at Prophetic and 35 years at Berean Bible
College. She will be remembered! Well Done!
She was famous for her Graduation Paintings she did each year.

Mary Macomber Memorial Bulletin - pdf

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Wide Shot of the Lot in the late 50's?

Closeup Of the Prophetic Bible Institute - 1940's?
Aberhart's Office was in the left lower window.

Prophetic Building Description
and Features pdf -Cornerstones Article

Final Hours of the Cradle of Social Credit
Demolition of Building in 1975?

Dedication Of Eaton's 8th Ave SW
Memorial Plaque - Aug. 1976

Display Remains On Eighth Avenue Window
in the 2009 Renovation of the Holt Renfrew Store

More Information On The History
of The Building of the

Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute
Calgary Public Library Site.

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Historical Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute
Documents Below.
(PDF Format)
(Large files necessary to preserve the original clarity of the documents. Be patient for the download to take place.)

Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute Original Constituttion - 1927

British Coat of Arms - Aberhart - 10 Lecture Series Brochure - pdf

Aberhart, although from a German background, was an ardent Britisher



The Gospel In
The Stars Astronomy Course


This preceded the more formal Prophetic Bible Institute Course - Likely Taught at
Westbourne Baptist.





CPBI 1926 Fundraising
The Need Of
The West

Turning of the
$100 Sods.

CPBI Building
Buy a Brick
Mortar Coupon Pamplet

(early 1927)


1927 Edition of the Full Course Bulletin of the Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute.
(32 pages - Large File)


Pew Hymnal
Book Of

large file
- slow loading

Printed for
Use at the

Christmas Song
- pdf
( with nottations
by Mary Shortt )



One Man and
An Island
the Miracle
of Malta's

Prophetic Bible
Intitute No. 1
Tract Series
circa 1940-41

The Christian Testimony of
British Governor of Malta
Lt.-Gen. Sir
W.G. S. Dobbie

To Obtain the full radio Show
"Pilgrimage Of A Pipe Organ
Click Here

The Prophetic Voice Restarts Publication
Under the Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute
in July 1942.
July 1942

Vol 1 - Issue 1

The Prophetic
Voice Starts
Again This month, now
as the Official
News Of
the Calgary Prophetic
Bible Inst.(formerly under the Prophetic Bible Conference

See these earlier editions on the
Preacher Page

Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute
Link To Local History

Downtown Building Was
Home to Bible Belt

Herald Article, Nov. 29,1998

and other news articles, 1974 & 78

Certificate of Incorporation
CPBI, April 19th, 1927

The End of An Era - Successor of Prophetic
Bible Institure Finally Closes

Alberta Report , June 23, 1986

Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute Letterhead
signed by Ernest Manning
Social Credit Politics seen as a Bible Institute mission of mercy.

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Cyril Hutchinson was an early associate of
William Aberhart when his family went to
Westbourne Baptist Church and was the editor of the Westbourne Baptist Youth Paper the Cheer-Up.
Although still at Westbourne when it separated from the Bible Institute, he later took Bible School at Prophetic, eventually becoming Principal after Aberhart's ascent to Premier, and an elder in the Bible Institute Baptist Church.(Bethel)
His brother Noel was on the Board of the Institute along with his father Ernest Hutchinson, who had been the songleader at Westbourne and the Prophetic Bible Conference meetings.
After Aberhart's death, in a disagreement over Foreign Missions courses, Cyril Hutchinson was let go from Prophetic, by the Board left behind by Aberhart, who wanted only to concentrate on home missions.
Willing to leave town quietly, all of his staff but one left Prophetic and urged him to lead the new Berean Bible College, meeting in the old Alliance Church.
Soon they built a new Berean campus at 4th St and 31st Ave. NW in Calgary and a new radio ministry began as well. The Old Prophetic stopped operating as a College in 1951, and the Bible Hour Broadcast moved to Edmonton.

The separation between Berean and Prophetic
was healed eight years after the separation in 1948.

Read the Letters of Reconciliation between
Ernest Manning and Cyril Hutchinson
and Muriel Manning &
Ruth Hutchingson (nee Redden) draft letter. - pdf

Click to Hear Cyril Hutchison as he talks about
the early years of Prophetic Bible Institute and
plays a recording of Aberhart's Preaching - MP3

To Obtain the full 2 week radio Show
Cyril Hutchinson: A Life Well Fought
Click Here

Berean Project 30 Building Program
Family Bible Hour, January 29th, 1978 - mp3

with Cyril Hutchinson, Dean Arthur Cornell and George Francisco
contains a recording of Aberhart's preaching

Click to Hear Cyril Hutchison as he talks about
the early years ofBerean Bible College - mp3

Cyril Hutchinson Marriage Announcment, Life & Funeral Bulletin - -pdf
Passed Away September 8th, 1980
(Senator Ernest Manning Delivers Address)

Cyril Hutchinson - Letters and Clippings - pdf

View Below the three courses
of Systematic Theology.
( Please be patient in download as these
are large pdf files shot at high resolution in order
for a printable version of what can be at times,
rather faint type.)

Recorded Audio On Cyril

The Rev. Cyril Hutchinson: A Life Well Fought
Gospel Road Radio Show on AM1140

To obtain a two week CD radio show
on AM1140 Gospel Road
on Cyril Hutchinson Click Here! or
Listen Below! (mp3 - 2 CD's- 1 hr. each)

Week One: Cyril Hutchinson
A Life Well Fought - Feb. 17th - 2008 mp3 1 hour

Week Two: Cyril Hutchinson
A Life Well Fought - Feb. 24th - 2008 mp3 1 hour

Cyril Hutchinson - The Problems Of Evolution - Parts 1 - 3 - mp3
1. Evolution - Does It Matter?
2. The Fool Says
3. The Breath Of Live

Cyril Hutchinson - The Problems Of Evolution - Parts 4- 6- mp3
4. Meet Mr. Two Cell
5. The Greater Cause
6. What Goes On Inside?


Writings of Cyril Hutchinson at Berean

1. The Obituary of God - pdf
as broadcast on the Back to the Bible Hour

2. The Mystery of the Coronation Stone - pdf

3.What Do Scientists Believe About God? - pdf

4. Mighty Myths Of The Bible - pdf

5. The Muddle Of The Middle East - pdf

6. The Conflict of Communism and Christianity - pdf

7. Bible Facts About The Healing Of The Body - pdf

8. Speaking In Tongues - Verse By Verse
Through The Bible - pdf

9. The Strange Prophecies of Jeane Dixon
- Of God or Not? - May 1967 - pdf

10. Can A University Student Be A Christian? - pdf
July 1967

11. Thunder On The Burning Mountain Part Two -pdf
July 1973

12. What Did Christians Believe 100 Years Ago? - pdf
Canadian Centennial Booklet July 1967

13. Challenge To The Cults, No. 1
Is Jesus Christ God? - pdf

14. Challenge To The Cults, No. 2
Is There A Literal Hell? - pdf

15. Challenge To The Cults, No. 3
Is There A Second Chance? - pdf

16. Challenge To The Cults, No. 4
Was Jesus Christ Virgin Born? - pdf

17. Why Christians Should Not Accept
The New Bible (Revised Standard Version) - pdf

18. The Woman and Her Adornments - pdf

Link To Cyril Hutchinson
written Sermon Notes

127 - pdf's

Cyril Hutchinson Memorial Service

Cyril Hutchinson Memorial September 12th, 1980 - mp3 - 1 hr.
Broadcast on Gospel Road AM1140 Jan. 16th, 2011

To obtain a two week CD radio show
on AM1140 Gospel Road
on the Bethel Baptist 1977 Dedication

(See mp3 on Prophetic Dean page)
& The 1980 Memorial Service of Cyril Hutchinson
Click Here! or Listen Above! (mp3 - 1 hr.)

Cyril Hutchinson, and teachers Arthur Cornell and Henry McCulloch in an administration meeting

Henry McCulloch's Pamplet regarding a serious
alchohol abuse problem before other drugs became
widespread. - pdf

berean Principal and teacher
Arthur Cornell
Faithful Unto God Gospel Road Shows

1. Week One Arthur Cornell - Faithful Unto God March 8th, 2009 -mp3 - 1 hour

2. Week Two Arthur Cornell - Faithful Unto God March 15th, 2009 -mp3 - 1 hour

To obtain this two week 2CD radio show
on AM1140 Gospel Road
on Arthur Cornell Click Here! or
or Listen Above (mp3 - 2 parts - 1 hr. each)


Evelyn Street (nee Kerr) Funeral Bulletin 2015 - pdf

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Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute
Course Books (CPBI)

Almost all of the courses were written by or
under the guidance of William Aberhart,
drawing from his vast knowledge and
reading. Let's hear from the man who
became principal of the Institute after
William Aberhart left for Edmonton to
become the Premier. Cyril Hutchinson
tells of those early days from an excerpt
from Project 30
(File M-7481 Glenbow Museum Archives)

Aberhart Prophecy Class Notes - 1942

Apologetics (Defense of Faith) A Course

Apologetics (Defense of Faith) B Course

Apostolic History (Acts) A Course

Bible Exegesis C (Exposition) Course

Bible Geography B Course

Bible Teaching A Course

General English A Course

Life of Christ A Course

Life of Christ B Course

Personal Evangelism A and B Course

Systematic Theology 'A' Book One

Systematic Theology 'A' Book Two

Systematic Theology 'A' Book Three

Systematic Theology 'B' Course

Systematic Theology 'C' Course

Busy People's Bible Course Diploma - pdf

Eva Reids Report Cards
Exam - Library Listing PDF

Pocket Testament League Card
A Club started by William Aberhart
at Prophetic Bible to encourage
believers to always carry a
small Bible with them to
assist anyone in need of
hearing from God's Word.
Subsription Fee Also bought extra
Testaments to distribute in visitation work.

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Berean Bible college
- 1948 - 1986

News Articles on Ground Breaking for Berean Bible College, a new school formed
out of a division from Prophetic in 1948 with Cyril Hutchinson continuing as Principal.
Ground Breaking April 28th, 1949
Located on 3216-4th St. N.W.
Calgary, AB.

Cyril & Ruth Hutchison with Pastor Bill Laing
as the roofing tile is laid down on the new building.

30th Anniversary special
A burning bush in the west

A very comprehensive history of the
Berean Bible College and how
it originated from Aberhart's
Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute

Large 80 page pdf file - slow download

Heavenly Hymn Histories
berean Bible College Choir
As directed by William Anderson

Heavenly Hymn Histories of Berean Bible Colege Choir - mp3 - 1 hr.
Gospel Road on AM1140, April 6th, 2008

To obtain this 1 CD radio show
on AM1140 Gospel Road
on Heavenly Hymns Click Here! or
or Listen Above (mp3 - 1 hr.)

Berean Alumni Music Recovery
Project ( from @ 1960 to 1983 )

Go Here to Find Order Form !

Prophetic - Berean - Foothills Christian College
Reunion Site Here!

Prophetic 65th Anniversary
Calgary Herald August 15th, 1992 - pdf

Berean Staff Reunion circa 1980's