Aberhart on the Campaign Trail
with Ernest Manning in the Background



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original 1935 social credit mla's

Click here to see larger picture of mla's
And 1935 cabinet

Election Result Party Tallies 1936-1982 - pdf

1935 MLA's List with Addresses and Constituencies - pdf

Aberhart on Radio Broadcast (Partial) of Social Credit
Appeal Week of Aug. 22nd, 1935
Before landslide win - mp3
- (10:40)

Calgary Area MLA Winners - Aug.23, 1935 News - pdf
Pictures of the Six Calgary Winners in above Article

Aberhart Legions Swept Into Power - pdf
- 1975 Overview of the first months of
the Social Credit Party

The Landslide Front Page - pdf

Lieutenant Govenor Hon. H.L. Walsh Officiates at
William Aberhart Swearing In as Premier Sept. 4th, 1935

Swearing-In of Premier Aberhart & Cabinet News Account - pdf

New Premier asks for prayers of hometown Seaforth Ontario
of extreme conditions of suffering in Alberta
& that revolution be averted. - pdf

The Prophetic Bible Institute at 516 - 8th Ave. West in Calgary
This was the ground zero where Christianity and Politics met
in a movement that would becomes the government of Alberta
for 36 continuous years. In the basement the training of the Social Credit
Leaders who would start over 2,000 study groups over the Province in
the year before the August 22nd, 1935 Election landslide.

Aberhart Audio
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The Moral Lessons of Social Relationship
(Democracy vs. Totalitarianism) - mp3

Aberhart and Manning? in dialogue

The Monetary Causes of War
William Aberhart, John Blackmore, and Clifford H. Douglas
Gospel Road May 22nd, 2011 - mp3 - 1 hr.

Provincial 1940 Provincial & Federal Campaining

Provincial Election Campaign Socred Radio Show
February 22nd 1940 - mp3 16 mins.

This show features a conversation trialogue between Premier William
Aberhart and Cabinet Ministers Ernest Manning - Industry and Trade,
and Nathan Eldon Tanner - Lands & Mines,one month
before the March 21st Provincial Election. The discussion the oppositon attacks
and the attempt to run an independent Unity party to merge the oppositon
together for strength, hardly a rare occurence in later history in the Province.

Provincial Election Campaign Socred Radio Show
March 22nd 1940 - mp3
Aberhart gives his rationale as to what kind of 'credit' his
'unity' opposition wants to restore to Alberta

Federal Election Social Credit Broadcast
likely in March 1940 for the March 26th Election - mp3 12 mins.

Premier William Aberhart, William Hayhurst (Vegreville MP / Athabasca Cand.) and Orvis Kennedy , MP for Edmonton East trialogue on the
topic of The Senate Banking Committee hearings on the monetary system
focusing on the testimony of Bank of Canada Chairman Gordon Towers.

Provincial Edmonton By-Election Social Credit Broadcast
September 22nd, 1942
( Noisy Transcription Recording )
1. Probably Candidate G.B. Giles speaks - mp3

He talks about the accomplishments of the Social Credit Government
in the war years. Conservative MLA Duggan has passed away, thus the
by-election, but Giles loses out to CCF Elmer Roper

2. Premier Aberhart addresses those in Radioland - mp3

Aberhart talks about the Social Credit Provincial War effort, the facilities turned
over to Commonwealth Air Defense Training and the many war programs
supported by the provincial government.

3. Minister of Public Works - Hon. William Allen Fallow speaks - mp3

First Fallow elaborates on the importance of the location of the City of Edmonton
and it's great future as the gateway to the resources of the North.

Fallow goes on to talk about the building of the Alaska Highway. The
encouragement of the Alberta Provincial Government to the U.S.A. and the
education program of promotion they carried out across the border.
He talks about the effort to have the Dominion Government extend
the northern border of Alberta into the NorthWest territories
to develop the mineral and oil resources in the North.

Aberhart Audio topical Segments - mp3's


audio greetings of 10 of the Original
1935 Social Credit MLA's
30th Anniversary - Aug. 23 - 1965 Calgary
700 in Attendance at the
Jubilee Auditorium.
Click Name to Hear MP3

Orvis Kennedy Introducing the MLA's
Name/ Home/ Constituentcy

Floyd M. Baker
Fort Saskatchewan
Clover Bar

Bert (A.V.)Bourcier - Letter Read
Lac Ste Anne:
Bio pdf
Dr. Harry K. Brown - Letter Read

Hon. Bill ( W.N.) Chant
Minister Of Agriculture
( In 1965, the Minister Of Public Works in the B.C. Social Credit Government)

Hon. W.W. Cross
Minister Of Health
Hand Hills
Jim (James) Hartley
H. Ingrey Letter Read
Bill (William) Tomyn
Whitford / Edmonton Norwood
Joe (J.H.) Unwin
(in 1965 living to Vancouver)
Rev. J.A. Wingblade
greetings from Social Credit Federal mp's
Robert (Bob) Norman Thompson
Leader of the Federal
Social Credit Party
Red Deer

Combined Bios of Alf J. Hooke, Lucien Maynard, J.W. Beaudry, Dr. J.L. McPherson, A.E. Fee, D.B. McMillian - pdf

Joseph Lucien Paul Maynard

Human Law Must Bow to Divine Law - pdf
A speech given in the Alberta Legislature, August 6th, 1937
Hon. Lucien Maynard - Minister of Municiple Affairs

Read News Profile
of Orvis Kennedy's
Career (pdf)

and how belief in a 1,000
Milennial Reign of Christ
was reflected in the
expectations of the
Aberhart Socred Experience
Hear Orvis Kennedy
comments - mp3
M.P. Edmonton East
a main Alberta Social Credit League
Administrator & Election Organizer
Read June 22, 1938
Parliamentary Debate
Address - pdf

(Replaced SC William Samuel Hall
elected 1936 -after by-election)

Premier Ernest Manning and
Originial Health Minister
W.W. Cross Cut Cake at 30th Anniversary

30th Annversary News Article Aug 24-1965
& 35th Anniversary Aug. 1970. pdf

"Premier Aberhart knew how to answer opposition. He once received a letter from an opponent and opened it up only to find the word FOOL on the page.
He said over the air, " I have received many letters in which people have forgotten to sign their name, but this is the first time I have seen someone sign their name, and forget to write the letter." Recounted by John A. Wingblade, MLA Wetaskwin 1935

A Desperate People Turn To Social Credit
1965 Albertan News Perspective
by Reporter Joe Clark - pdf

Philosophy Professor and Author
on Social Credit In Alberta
John A. Irving Evaluates
the Federal and Monetary Appeal
in 1959 Socred Convention Address

Hon. Robin D. Jorgenson
Minister Of Public Welfare
First Elected
MLA Pembima 1944

Audio Memories of the Depression
Years and the Formation Of the
social credit Party (Return To Top)

Opposite: Topsoil is carried away in massive duststorms in the Prairie Depression and Drought.

Socred MLA
for Lac St. Anne
Floyd Baker

Socred MLA
Clover Bar


Floyd M. Baker
relates how he and
his wife endured
much opposition
locally when Social
Credit first campaigned in 1935

- mp3

Florence Todd B.A,

Early Optimistic Assessment Of
Major Douglas on Alberta Social Credit Win
'Douglas sees Utopia in SC Plan -pdf

Sept. 17 - 1935

Major C.H. Douglas gives his only Calgary
Address in the Amouries Building on
April 7th, 1936 to an audience of 2,000 people
Although Aberhart was on the platform and promised an address after the Major,
the chairmen ended the meeting before
he could be introduced. Many in the
crowd went wild and started to rush
the stage, so the band was instructed
to play the end song. Only the press
table kept the audience from mounted the
platform, such as it was.
See Joe Unwin Audio Account Above

A local newspaper opposing Aberhart
weighs in with it's report of the meeting
and the complete text of the Major Douglas
speech. (pdf)

Albertan February 22nd , 1935
Douglas Accepts Call by UFA
Government to Post As
Economic Reconstruction Advisor - pdf

Aberhart and Major Douglas meet more than
a year later in Edmonton Luncheon
on May 22nd, 1935
( It would be their last meeting in person )
As soon as the Social Credit League was assured of victory, William Aberhart cabled Major Douglas, British economist, originator of the Social Credit theory, and reconstruction advisor to the Alberta Government saying; "When can you come?"
Crossing his query came a cable from Douglas which said: "Congratulations. There will be others, but only one first."
- Western Producer Aug. 29, 1935 edition - pdf

Major Douglas sends Social Credit Technicians from his England office to assist the Social Credit government in June of 1937. George Frederick Powell and L.D. Byrne.
A skeptical reporter interviews them - Aug 2nd, 1937 pdf

Radio Interviews of Ernest Manning and Ola McNutt (Aberhart) et al
from John Weidlich - 1983
Gospel Road Radio July 20th, 2008 - mp3 - 1 hr.

Christian Influence In Alberta Politics
with Aberhart Grandaughter Patricia Hilton
& Earl Solberg, Alberta Social Credit President
mp3 1 hr.

Gospel Road on AM1140, Aug. 14th, 2005

The Friday Night radio skits
and The Man from Mars
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Aberhart's Invovative Radio Skits
make a Martian actor a sought after entity on the speaking tour.

We remember the show My Favorite Martian
and how Martian concepts clashed with
the culture of earthlings.

Clifford Menzies Willmott
Played the "Man From Mars"

1957 Calgary South Federal Election Photo

Clifford Willmott , a CPR railway Sleeping Car
Superintendent , became a regular actor, and
later lecturer for Aberhart's Social Credit movement.
Here he tells us how the Friday night
radio skits were set up, and what is was
like to be around Aberhart.

- mp3

When the man from Mars would go out to public meetings, he could shroud his identity with a sheet, carrying a large staff, and speaking from a large scroll he read from as he played his part.. One night the Martian Visitor lost his place. Aberhart quickly covered for him, saying how tired the Man From Mars must be from his earthly experiences.
A minor incident, but to Clifford Willmott it showed his chief's special ability

Script of Man from Mars Radio
Skit # 13 - Jan. 8th - 1935 - pdf

Script of Man from Mars Radio
Skit # 15 - Jan. 22nd - 1935 - pdf

Clifford Willmott's Written Account
of his Social Credit Involvment and
Herald Articles on him from 1981 and 1988

1980 Interviews with Clifford Willmott
Willmott was also an orginal signer on
the first Alberta Social Credit League Incorporation of the Society, and had intimate insight on the early and latter days of the movement

Social Credit Hardships and Brotherhood

Willmott on Aberhart's Training of Speakers
and his first solo attempts


Early Days of the
Alberta Social Credit League


Preparing For the Provincial Straw Vote

Social Credit Legislation
and Debt Relief


Banking Credit Control

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Willmott Federal Runs

Federal June 11th, 1945
Willmott Run for Parliament
Calgary East
Audio Memories of the 1935 election Campaign
and election night August 22, 1935

Mr. Aberhart Speaks to a Large Crowd in Rural Town

Myrna Kissick on campaign
vandalism of Aberhart's car.
Myrna Kissick of Innisfail gives an audio account of her husband Jim, who served as William Aberhart's Chauffeur prior to the 1935 Election
Arthur Wray Speaks of Election Campaigning
- mp3 (Later an MLA for Banff )
John Patrick Gillease
talks of election night
in his town
- mp3
Opposite: Float of Socred
Movement in the 1935 Calgary Stampede Parade.

How To Lose An Election - pdf
Advice to those politicians who have no solutions
in a time of crisis.

One Year Victory Celebration Saturday August 22nd, Sunday Aug. 23rd - 1936
The Albertan -Social Credit Chronicle Aug. 22nd, 1936

One Year ThanksGiving Service for Election Win -
Edmonton Area Aug.30-1936 - pdf

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early Social Credit Influences
on william Aberhart

Charles Scarborough

Unsung teacher changed the history of Alberta
Charles Scarborough, a fervent Social Crediter since 1925
and who taught Chemistry at Edmonton's Victoria
High School. He convinced Aberhart to read
a book 'Economic Nationalism.''
by Maurice Colbourne. The two often
met while marking departimental exams in Edmonton.
In 1932, the appeal clicked 'on' in Aberhart's mind.
Read 1995 News Tribute - pdf

Charles Morton Scarbourough

Maurice Colbourne
Author of Economic Nationalism

The Author of Economic Nationalism was an
accomplished British Shakespearian Actor/Producer who also
authored many books and had an intense interest in economics.
He formed a drama partnership with fellow actor Barry Jones in
1928, and made drama tours of Canada and was well known
on the stage in Alberta. Economic Nationalism was also published
in 1928 and quickly sold out. A revised version was republished
under the name of The Meaning of Social Credit in November
of 1935 by the Social Credit Board in Edmonton. No doubt many
were curious to read the book that had introduced their Premier,
William Aberhart to the teachings of Social Credit.

1932: Anne Grey, Maurice Colbourne (1894-1965) and Barry Jones
(1893 - 1981) star in 'Arms And The Man', a screen adaptation
of the play by George Bernard Shaw, directed by
Cecil Lewis for Wardour.

Maurice Colbourne as Brutus in Julius Caesar

( He read the 1928 American version in 1932 )

DownLoad The Meaning of Social Credit - pdf 284 pp
Note: William Aberhart being a Creationist, would have
discounted the occasional reference by Maurice to Evolution
and would have upheld support of
Paul's reference to "If any man will not work, neither shall
he eat." in a way not hindering Social Credit
application of productive leisure.

Read a Brief Bio of Maurice Colbourne - pdf

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Early Social credit speaking tours
started provincial study groups

Brief History of Social Credit & Principles pdf

Straw Vote Ballot Sample

Distributed in Spring of 1936 to determine
strength of a potential social credit vote.

first Official convention

1937 Social Credit Convention Delegates
William Aberhart is Front Row, 2nd from the left

This picture larger and List of MLA's in the 1937 Legistlature Of Alberta
- note that 7 on the list are opposition members (pdf file)

Social credit Organizer Extraordinaire
Orvis A. Kennedy

Executive Director of the Alberta Social Credit League while the League
was in government. He also was the chief strategist and organizer of the
election campaigns in Alberta and in other Provinces. He won election
in a 1938 by-election to Parliament and was a candidate in numerous other campaigns

Hear Orvis Kennedy recollection of his first experiences with
William Aberhart - mp3 -6 mins.

See Below for Table of Orvis Kennedy Life Recordings

Orvis Kennedy 1935 Provincial Election Brochure & Notes - pdf

Edmonton Candidate in August 1935 Provincial Election


Orvis Kennedy's 1938 Successful By-Election in Edmonton East
replacing SC MP Dr. W.S. Hall who died in office. Clippings -pdf

More Clipping on Orvis Kennedy MP for Edmonton East
& Commons Seating Charts - pdf

The Torn Poster reveals High Emotions in 1935 campaign - pdf

1938 Hansard Budget Speech Of Orvis A. Kennedy - pdf

Orvis Kennedy 1962 Federal Election Brochure
with endorsements from Ernest Manning and Bob Thompson - pdf

"The public generally saw Mr. Kennedy as the mellow even folksy
chairman of Social Credit Conventions. But one source close to
the Ontario born former hardware company said he could be
'tough as nails' in meetings where work had to be done.
He could make a lot of people mad at him, but five minutes later
he would turn mellow again and feelings would be forgotten."

- Bob Bell - Edmonton Journal 1070's

On the Hustings, Orvis knew how to win campaigns.

Orvis Kennedy
National Social Credit of Canada Organizer - 1954

Orvis Kennedy Life Recordings
(Interviewer - Cornelius Guenter - Edmonton 1987-88)

File #
SoundBite Cameos
Campaign Vehicle Vandallism
1940 Big Book Tour, Soloist Jack Jones
Election 1940:Didsbury Labor Ruse Exposed
Withdrawal of U. of Alberta Honorary Doctorate - the deep Insult
Aberhart Premonitions on his death, final charges to Orvis & Manning.
Reconciliation of the Spirtual and State Divide
The Office Bolthole
The Quarter Bet On Camrose By-Election

The Checkerboard System For Oil Leases

The Highest Compliment for Orvis
The Privilege Of Serving Great Men of the Time
Checkerboard system of oil leasing
Real proto-origin of the Heritage Fund
Social Credit Unparaelled Road Paving Accomplishement
The People's Response To The Big Book (0vercoming Fake News)
The Gopher Highway Hit Control
Aberhart Wisdom In Coutts To Banff Road Paving
Expand Alberta To The North Said Aberhart - 1939
Saving The Turner Valley Flared Gas Wastage
Why Social Credit is Pro-Life and Against Abortion
Full Recordings
Orvis - Principles of Honesty In Gaining Trust
Marriage and the Honeymoon Tricksters
Life In Parliament, Royal Visit 1939, Vote on the War
First Associations with William Aberhart
Spiritual/Political Impact of Aberhart and Manning
Brownlee Fall from Grace / Longing of Albertans
Birth Of The Social Credit Party of Alberta
Road Building Stategy, Agriculture, Grass Roots Feedback
Confidence with Aberhart, Edmonton Prophetic Conference Start
Jethro Principle, Grass Roots Building by Tens
Cross Canada Socreds, Efficient Placement over Patronage Apts.
Relationship with Aberhart, Manning, and University of Alberta
Social Credit Educational Reforms
Orvis Kennedy: Notable Memories with Willian Aberhart
Edmonton East ByElection 1938, Party Pitfalls
1940 Campaign & Opposition Dirty Forrum Tricks
Maligment Opposition, Aberharts' Premonitions of Comming Death, Final Charges to Manning and Kennedy.
Relationship to Ernest and Muriel Manning
Leading of the Lord, how it worked for Orvis Kennedy
Personal Spiritual Growth Over the Years
Reconciling the Spiritual vs Secular State
Going Fulltime with Social Credit, Recollections of Staff
Building of New Office - 1959-60
The Leader's Office & The Bolthole
1934 -National Interest and Early Fake News
Corona Rebels and the Social Credit Board Strategy
The Contrived Banker's Toadies Affair
Priority of Grassroots Feedback
Fighting the Scourge Of Anti-Semitism
Visiting Joe Unwin and Mr. Powell in Jail
Unity Meetings for Federal and Provincial Cacuses
1940 Election and Camrose By-Election
Battle of the Chester's - Compensating for Candidate Flaws
The Death of Aberhart and the Ascent of Manning
Manning's 1st Premier Tour & Maternity Care Bill
Early Policy of Manning Era
Treasury Work, National Socred Association

Leduc Oil Strike, Further National Training Workshops

The Saint Thomas CCF Sceptic, The Hinderer's Work
Correlation of Social Credit with the Bible
1945 Convention and Proto-Social Creditists in Quebec
Vancouver Training and the Cooper's Compliment
Was Alberta Social Credit Too Christian?
The Question of God's Leading To Greatness
Rating System of Constituencies and Candidates
Chasing Down and Neutralizing Rumours
Preventing Strikes and Disruptions In Economy
Feedback to Premier and Cabinet Ministers
Defining The Question of True Loyalty
Bridging Religious Difference, , Avoid Conflict of Interest
Post-War Progress - Stopped Borrowing - Immigrant Influx
Leduc Oil Strike (1947) - Checkerboard Leases - Proto Heritage
Resource Royalty System Established
Strange Exit of John Hargrave ( SC England Leader)
W.D. Herridge and the New Democracy Party ( Federal 1 term )
South Africa and Human Rights policy
Formation of Israel and Stance on Zionism
Land Irrigation Projects in Southern Alberta
Verbal Exposition Of The 'Big Book' Campaign Visual - 1939
See Pages in PDF on Big Book in 1940 Election Section
Economy Chart and the Construction of the Big Book (1939)
Big Book - United Farmers of Alberta Achievements & Failures
Big Book - 1st Term Policies and Paved Roads Revolution
Big Book - Alberta Debt Controls
Big Book - Revenue Anaylysis
Big Book - Disallowed Social Credit Legislation
Big Book - Debt Lenders and Various Bills
Crowd Response To the Big Book Dramatic Prop
Caligraphy of the Big Book and unique platforms
BB -Government Austerity and Aberhart's Education Reforms
BB - Health Services
BB - Labour Legislation
BB - Agricultural Advances , (Some Radio Interferrence)
BB - Fur Production
BB - Fostering Of Specialized Cooperatives
BB - Fish and Game Growth
BB - Primary Road Paving, and Related Banff Tourism
BB - Rural Secondary Road Paving & Farmer Pay & Taxes Relief
BB - Building of Bridges 1935-1939
BB - Oil & Gas Development, Changes in Adminstering
BB - Timber, Grazing Right, & Leasing Unused Land
BB - More Cooperative Development, Need of Asset Insurance
BB - Formation of Marketing Board, Economy of Bulk Purchasing
BB - Youth Training Programs
BB - Proposed Provincial Expansion to the North Sea
BB - Reforming The Queen's Printer
BB - Downsizing Civil Service
BB - Unemployment Decline
BB - Treasury Branch Interim Programme (ATB)
BB - Investigation of Business Practices and Pricing
Electoral Swath Of The Big Book


Leadership that Promoted Others

Business/Philanthropy / Church/Ministry / Government/Politics
Orvis Kennedy
1907 – 1997

You can legislate ethics, but there's no substitute for integrity
Preston Manning, Globe and Mail - May 1st, 2018

Original 1935 Campaign

Social Credit wins 56 of 63 seats United
Farmer Government MLA's lose all seats.

The Significance Of Alberta
written by W. Johnson of Calgary
in 1935. pdf

1934-35 Teaching Charts On Social Credit
Used by William Aberhart and Ernest Manning in Public Addresses

1940 Election campaign
Large Social Credit Acheivement
stage book on back of truck
Ernest Manning on left and Orvis Kennedy on right
assist Premier Aberhart as his goes though the
Achievement Book of the Social Credit Government.

The 1940 Campaign with the Big Book on the Pickup Truck
Aberhart Speaks on the Social Credit Progress over 5 years
while Ernest Manning ( left) and Orvis Kennedy (right) turn the large.

Program of May 5th, 1940 Social Credit Thanksgiving Service
Broadcast over CFCN radio from the Bible Institute - pdf

Ed Kennedy Son of Orvis Kennedy Shares Pictures
of the "Big Book" of the pre1940 Election Social Credit Achievements

Orvis Kennedy Recalls how the Aberhart Speaking Tour
he MC'd used The BIG BOOK - mp3

Read the Social Credit 'Big Book'
The Records Tell The Story
of the pre 1940 Campaign Yourself - pdf

Chock Full of little known facts
See Memoirs of Orvis Kennedy on this page for some detailed
descriptions of selected pages.

Extract of Oil Industry Development Pages Below
It did not all start with the Leduc Strike later on...

Oil Development in Barrels in Alberta 1932-1938

Petroleum and Natural Gas Permits in Alberta, 1931-1935

Oil Administration in Alberta Under the Social Credit Party

Early OilSands Development, a mere year
after Aberhart's death.

Oil Sands Limited Stock and Warrant Certificate , March 1944 - pdf

Bitumont Site of the OilSands Limited 1944

Election Results for 1940 ? March 21st Provincial Election - Edmonton Area -pdf

Official Election Returns for August 5th, 1952 Provincial Elections - pdf

Calgary Albertan Editorial Endorsement for Socreds in Aug.5th, 1952 Election - pdf

June 19th, 1959 Calgary Social Credit Election Winners


William Aberhart Separates His Teaching
on Social Credit
apart from any Anti-Semitism
as did his successor Ernest C. Manning.

(Aberthart's Reply to Concerned
Correspondent in 1942.)

William temple
Archbishop of Canterbury Statement
on Prevention of Monetary and Land Monopolies
and Premier Aberhart's Response
- pdf
Sept. 26-28th, 1942
Explains Issue of Money, Credit, and Governance
Of Land Transactions Differs From Socialistic Nationalised Ownership

Aberhart Reminds Public Of Prime Minister
McKenzie King's Broken 1935 Promises of Monetary Reform

Alberta Social Credit Not Given A Chance
News Item - Feb. 26th, 1943 - pdf
united farmers of alberta
This is the Political Party put out of office by the
Social Credit win. See David's Blys Article from March 29, 2002
on Agrarian Movement Had Lasting Impact

social credit cartoons
See Socred Cartoons for this and more -pdf

Above &Additional Social Credit Cartoons
- O.Kennedy fonds - pdf

1940 Campaign

Manning Alberta Era
Cartoonist Ernest G. Hansell

1966 Alberta The Tax Haven of Canada

Other Social Credit Handbook Illustrations - pdf

Social credit Pins and Commemorative Items

Original 1935 Socred Button & 2005 70th Anniversary Button

Modern 1980's? Socred Pin

1971 Commemorative Social Credit Era Plate
with the three Alberta Social Credit Premiers

Alberta Social Credit Leather Key Rings

Art Dixon Calgary MLA & Speaker Campaing Buttons

Calgary Millican Convention Ribbon

Social Credit Front License Plate (1980's?)

Socred Ladies Auxiliaries Silve Jubilee Plate (25 yrs - 1960)

Socred Credit Ladies Auxiliaries Pin ( early n.d. )

Federal Social Credit of Centennial Canada Pin & Regular

Back of Centennial Federal Socred Pin

Ralph Cameron Candidate Button from
1974 Federal Election in Calgary South

Socred Municipal Election Slates

Social Credit Candidates also ran on the municipal level in
slates for aldermen and school board trustees.
See this Election Advertisement for the Calgary Election
King George V & Queen Mary
1935 Jubilee Picture

See Full Size Page
(1 page pdf)

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Aberhart's May 12th, 1937 Address at the Legislature
Grounds on the Coronation of King George VI and Queen
Elizabeth ( Working Text - 2 pages pdf)

Mrs Aberhart's Permission to Attend at Court
for the Coronation May 6th, 1937 - pdf

Unfortunately, the criticism from opposition and press was so great that
money was being wasted, that neither William or Jessie ended up going.

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth

Official Souvenir Program & Edmonton Visit Map
Large Colour download of pdf File at
16 pages

Social Credit Original Publications

The Social Credit Chronicle attempted to purchase
the Calgary Albertan to be a Party Newspaper in March of 1937.
Fed up with poor press coverage of the Social Credit government, the party attempts to buy it's own media, as early Province papers were often Conservative or Liberal.
Shares were sold to Social Crediters and a memorandum of agreement
drawn up. However, the depression economy prevented the completion
of the sale. Share Certificates and Memorandum - pdf

Back To Top
( To preserve original format and illustrations, some files are
large and take longer to download in PDF format)

The Letterheads of the Social Credit Chronicle under Eva Reid ( latter Girl Reporter of the Albertan) and publisher Frank Hollingworth & Social Credit and Premier Aberhart's Letterheads. - pdf

August 1935 Election Days Newspapers

Nor-East Advisor August 23rd, Vol.5, No. 6 Post Election - pdf

Edmonton Bulletin Extra, August 22nd. 1935, Day of Election - pdf

Early Edition
Edmonton Bulletin Extra, August 22nd. 1935, Day of Election Pt.2- pdf

Edmonton Bulletin, August 23rd, 1935 - pdf

Edmonton Bulletin, August 24th, 1935.pdf

Edmonton Journal, August 22nd - 3rd Extra - pdf

Edmonton Journal Regular, August 23rd, 1935 - pdf

Edmonton Journal, Extra August 23rd, 1935 -pdf

Edmonton Journal Regular Edition, August 24th , 1935 - pdf

Edmonton Journal Extra, August 24th, 1935 - pdf

Edmonton Journal, September 3rd, 1935 - pdf
Swearing in of Aberhart Cabinet.

Other Social Credit Government Election News

Albertan, February 7th, 1936 - pdf

Edmonton Journal February 12th, 1936 - pdf
Conservatives ask for Major Douglas Letters.

Edmonton Journal, February 26th, 1936 - pdf
Alberta Trade Act Revisions

Edmonton Bulletin, August 5th, 1937
Bank Act License

Edmonton Journal August 4th, 1937 - pdf
Social Credit Act & Notice of Bank Act
Edmonton Journal Extra, August 4th, 1937 - pdf

Albertan, August 4th, 1937 - pdf
More Power Sought for Social Credit Board

Alberta, August 5th, 1937 -pdf
More on Bank Act and Tax Remission

Albertan, August 6th, 1937 - pdf
Solon Low gives challenge to banks

Albertan, August 9th, 1937
Aberhart takes Attorney General Post

Albertan , August 12th, 1937- pdf
Court Test on Bank Act Sought
Part Two: Austrailia Needs an Aberhart - pdf

Albertan, August 17th, 1937 - pdf
Court Test on Act to Monetize Credit of Alberta (Bank Act)

Edmonton Journal, August 18th, 1937 - pdf
Disallowance of Band and Court Acts.

Albertan, August 21st, 1937 - pdf
Constitutional Crisis raised by Disallowance

Albertan, March 22nd, 1938 - pdf
Unwin Released, Kennedy Wins Edmonton East

Edmonton Journal, March 22nd , 1938 - pdf
Socred Travel Expenses, Home Security Bill

Edmonton Bulletin, March 23rd, 1938 - pdf
Joe Unwin Re-enters Legislature

Edmonton Journal June 3rd, 1939 -pdf
The Royal Couple Visits Edmonton

Edmonton Journal , August 9th, 1944 - pdf
Social Credit Government 3rd Win to Government
the first under Ernest Manning

Edmonton Bulletin, August 9th, 1944 - pdf
Social Credit Sweeps Wartime Election

Albertan, June 19th, 1959
Social Credit Election Sweep - pdf

Ottawa Citizen, July 18th, 1935 -pdf
Signs Of The Times In Alberta



Original Spring
1935 Ten Plank


These are the ten planks which were agreed to by the Southern and Northern
Party Founding Meetings
in Calgary and Edmonton

The Social Credit Manual
(below) proceeded to be published on the basis of these for the soon to be announced election by the UFA Government.

The Forgotten Man

Also: Social Credit Study Group Feature (Lesson) No. 5
The Perfect Cycle - pdf

Before the 1935 Election there were over 2,000 Social Credit
theory study groups scattered over the Province, often made up
of many UFA party members. This study No. 5 may have
been used at the Federal Level later on as well.

Social Credit Manual

Original 1935
Social Credit
Manual by William Aberhart. (Including Fascinating Ads from the era.) Download the entire 68 Page Manual in PDF Format.

See Also the
Ten Planks Make

which details the
1935 Election Platform (5 pages)


1940 Provincial


Progresss In Alberta
1935 - 1943
A Record Of Achievement

Ernest C. Manning

Full of facts and figures
on many areas of
Provincial Achievement
from 1935 to 1943, the
year Ernest Manning
became Premier after
Aberhart's death in May of 1943..


Your Natural Resources
They are Still Yours
Westminster Act


Social Credit In Alberta
The View from English Social Credit Movement

nd ,Around 1949?
13 pp. PDF

Aberhart &

pdf 26 pages

Excerpts from the
Edmonton Bulletin
reprinted in England

A Good Capsule History
on Aberhart's Life
and a record of
Ernest Mannings
Policy Intentions
on assuming the
office of Premier
after Aberharts death
in 1943.

Post War Reconstruction
First Series of Ten Radio
(pdf - 98 pp)
in October 1942 and
continuing weekly in 32
installements of which
no. 29was his last before his death in May 1943. The last three are delivered by his protege and succesor, Ernest C. Manning.
As such, it is Aberhart's last and most developed exposition of a Social Credit Plan to renew Canada after the War. Many areas of federal responsibilty are touched on. Broadcast nationwide on several stations
he speculates as to why sufficient credit and purchasing power are suddenly available to cope with the stresses of wartime, and yet were prededed by years of poverty and deprivation in the midst of plenty. This integrated plan was his plan to avoid such tragedy in the post war era
still 3 years away when he delivers these talks.
He frequently asks for feedback and suggestions of capable men who would be able to represent these ideas federally
(in an election no doubt)

Post War
Second Series of 11

(pdf 97pp.)
Broadcast on 15
Radio Station Canadawide

Post War
Third Series Of
10 Radio Programs

(pdf 98 pp )

Includes Broadcast 28, The
Last in the series before Mr.
Aberhart's death. The remaining three addresses by Premier Ernest Manning
complete the transcripts of
the series.

Report of the
Subcommittee on
Alberta Post-War

pdf 105 pp.

This detailed report
is the consumation
of Aberhart's Original
Post-War Reconstruction
Plans which he gave over the radio. The Government
Of Alberta completed the process two years after his death. A Good summary
of the history of Banking
in Canada and the Financing of the Economy during the two World Wars

Alberta's Fight For Freedom
A Five Booklet Series
by H. E Nichols - 1963

BookLIst ASCL 1963

H.E. Nichols, the complier of this history, first homesteaded in Alberta in 1907, and has therefore had a close, personal experience of many of the events recorded herein. To supplement this knowledge, he has also made use of appropriate extracts from authoritative documents in the archives of the Alberta Social Credit League.
Part One: A History
of Social Credit in Alberta 1905 - 1947 - pdf

Part Two: Public & Private Debt - pdf
Financial Shackles of Alberta and The People's Will.
Part Three: Sovereignty and Constitution -pdf
The Christian Concept of Society and The Constitutional Challenges

Part Four: The Road To Reconstruction - pdf
Outlines the Various Alberta Social Credit Legislation Passed from 1936 to 1945 and the fates of each act.

Part Five: For Economic
Democracy - pdf

Details Given on the Interim Program of
the Alberta Treasury Brances and the Provincial Marketing Board.
Other Social Credti Applications.
Manning Affirms
Aberhart Goals.

A Handbook Of
Social Credit
H.E. Nichols

Social Credit Of Canada
Estimated Publishing
Early 1960's

A Good Overall Explanation
of Alberta Social Credit Theory and more details
how the interim program
with the Alberta Treasury Branches Operated.

Telefacts Vol. 4 Series
Television Broadcasts Transcripts
by Ernest C. Manning 1967

Volume 3


BC Social Credit Manual 1937
(32pp - PDF)
The First Manual of the Socreds in BC

BC Social Credit

Four Years of
(52 pages PDF)


Child Welfare Act
Of 1944
Free Hospitalization
for Maternity Cases

- pdf
Updates to the Act and The Maternity
Hospitalization Act

Alberta Program updates 1953
(Social Credit Government)
Click on Topic Cover to Open Individual PDF Brochure

British Columbia Social Credit League

1959 BC Social Credit League Convention Delegates

See Large Resolution Pdf to Identify Individuals

June 10th-1052 - Eve of the 1952 BC Provincial Election
before first BC Social Credit Government pdf
(part article)

canada post Issues a
Socred BC Premier William A. C. Bennett
stamp In A Set Of Premier's Stamps in 1998

Social Credit League


Your Questions
on Social Credit

Roger P. Kirk -pdf

Saskatchewan Social
Credit League

Manitoba Social Credit

Written by Robert ( Bob ) Norman Thompson
in his early days of working with William Aberhart
He organized Manitoba Social Credit Federally
and enabled five Candidates to be Elected to Parliament.

Ontario Social Credit Association



Security With Freedom
Socialism or
Canadian Free
- pdf

for the
Metro Toronto
Young Socred
written by
L.D. Byrne
October 1962

Quebec Social Creditise

Fabien Roy CBC Video 1980's
Social Credit Fabien Roy: http://youtu.be/XveO6Y49iMk via @YouTube




The Alberta Story
An Authentic Report
On Alberta's Progress
1935 - 1952

( pdf 64 pp )

A Comparison of the
Province Of Alberta

17 years after the start
of the Social Credit Goverment.
( Illustrations Useful
for Powerpoint. )

1958 Alberta Social Credit League Constitution and
Bylaws. - pdf

Social Credit Government Publications
Public Welfare Services
Province of Alberta
- early 1960's under Minister
L.C. Halmrast - pdf

"Do you know:
That since 1936 - 1953
the Government of Alberta
has not borrowed ONE PENNY!"

Do You Know?
1963 Edition - pdf

Alberta Social Credit League

The Busy Bee
Jan./Feb. 1967

(20 Pages PDF)
60th Anniversary of Alberta - 1965

alberta human Rights Act
signed by Ernest C. Manning

See Large Readable Page Size

Alberta: The Tax Haven Of Canada

1966 version &

1967 Version - pdf


Aberhart's first exposure to Social Credit Theory came from reading around 1931-32, the first American priniting of the 1928 book under the first title, Economic Nationalism. The English Actor- Company Manager Colbourne, who had toured Western Canada, wrote in clearer and more understandable language than was used by Major Douglas and was probably more widely read in Alberta.


The Meaning Of Social Credit_
4th Revised Edition

by Maurice Colbourne
(280 pages PDF)

British Publications on Social Credit

Social Credit Co-ordinating Centre
1952 Conference - pdf

At this Conference in Leeds England Charles Marshall Hattersley
& Ethel Vera Hattersley
Presented their reports on the
Alberta Social Credit experience.

Aberhart And Alberta
The First Phase

Charles Marshall
( pdf 45 pp )

A English Writer on
Social Credit writes
a view from England
giving a realistic angle
of the challenges William
Aberhart faced in Alberta during the first 18 months of the Social Credit Government..

He covers valuable
insights that could only be
caught by someone intimately
connected with the Social Credit Movement in Britain.
He had constant communication by letter before Aberhart's death in
He later emigrated to Alberta
with his family to write
on the continued progress of the Social Credit Party, but passed away suddenly while
researching another book on
the Alberta Experiment.


(131pp PDF)
C. Marshall Hattersley
(2nd Edition)

Marshall Hattersley was the first published author on the topic of Social Credit in Britain after the first publications of C.H. Douglas.
A unique contribution in a language understandable to all.


Men, Machines, and Money
by C. Marshall Hattersley
4th Edition,
48 pp PDF

Lawyer J. Martin Hattersley
- Edmonton Alberta

Former Leader of the
Social Credit Party of Canada
& Executive Assistant to Bob Thompson M.P.

Martin's Leadership Time and Social Credit Training Course - mp3


This Age Of Plenty

Charles Marshall

1929 Bath, U.K.
pdf 300 pages
slow download
please be patient

Illustration from The People's Purse
showing the English Monetary System
as it operated circa 1952

The People's
by C. Marshall Hattersley

- pdf

This book was written around 1952 and is
meant to re-apply the
Social Credit plan to
the situation in post Word War II Britain.
In some ways, it mirrors
the forward thinking Post War Reconstruction series
by William Aberhart in Alberta in 1942.

(See Above)
It includes the 1951 Draft Copy of the English
House of Commons
Private Member's Bill
entitled the
Monetary Regulation
Some Very Interesting
Comments on the role of
service and honor being
accorded to those who
do what was considered
'menial work' in the past. (see pages 40-41)

(Contiuned from right...".We should get nearer and nearer to a balanced perfection as we grew fewer in number, until the last survivor - unemployed one day in two ( owing to his efficientcy as a producer and his inefficiency as a consumer) committed suicide, and a perfect balance of production and consumption was at last attained. The fact is that under existing circumstances man as producer, equipped with machinery and power, can provide far more than man as a consumer, with his limited money can buy, and possibly even more than man as consumer with his limited wants, can use. And this brings us to the Technological explanation of unemployment.
( ed. and a stimulus to War! )

Wealth, Want, and
War by C. Marshall
Hattersley, 1937
351 pp. Pdf

(Large File
Be Patient for Download Time)

Quote Page118
"To regard an increasing body of willing workers as an intensification of the problem of finding jobs, is to overlook the fact that they are at the same time willing consumers. As such they should themselves provide the jobs they seek, unless, and it is a very big unless - an individual as a consumer is less efficient than the same individual as a producer. If this is so, the the exigencies of the situation would appear to demand the removal of that individual. The removal of his demand would tend to reduce employment to an insignificant extent, while the removal of his energy would relieve the unemployment market of one of it's human embarassments.
(See left column)

Alberta Has The
Sovereign Right
To Issue And Use
Its Own Credit

PDF 19 Pages

presented to
Premier Aberhart
and Cabinet
October 1935
Constitutional Expert
R. Rogers Smith

Dealing with the
1867 British
North America Act
The Stature Of Westminster

Social Credit Mp
Speaks Out on Canadian
Constitutional Crisis

Walter F. Kuhl
Member Of Parliament
Jasper-Edson Alberta
Canada: A Country Without A Constitution was printed in
Jan. 1977 and contains
Walter F. Kuhl's Hansard
address of Nov. 8th, 1945
and a later letter to
the newly elected
Rene Levesque
Of the Parti Quebecois
( Walter was mentored
by R. Rogers Smith of
the above publication.)

Democracy's Challenge
in Alberta.

Excerpts from
February 1938
Edition of the
(pdf 24 pp)
A Critic's View from
Australia & the Social Credit
Government's Account Of the early days of Legislation.
Contains valuable correspondence to the Alberta Bondholder's and
Aberhart's letter's to
MacKenzie King, the
Canadian Prime Minister.

What Is
Social Credit?

for the busy reader

Pdf - 18 pages

A short and to
the point outline.
The Gist Of Social Credit

The Gist Of
Social Credit

R.A. Cantelon
Pdf - 18 pages
Early 1940's?
( a reprint of an
article from the
Social Credit Clarion
with some illustration
of financial cycles )

The Island that ran the Experiment on
Monetary Reform that Aberhart had knowledge of.

How Guernsey Beat The Bankers
Edward Holloway
7 pages PDF

Excerpts On Guernsey
Experiment- pdf
Norman Angell's
The Story of Money

Excerpts on Guernsey
from Money
- The Master Key by John H. Blackmore
1939? - pdf





The Guernsey Experiment
by Olive and
Jan Grubiak
36 pp PDF
Guernsey State' Note
Issue - pdf

Reprint of Prosperity Article of April 1933 as reprinted
in Charles Marshall
Hattersleys book
Wealth, War & Want: Problems of the
Power Age - Nov 1937.
(Quotes Information back to 1811.)


In the Channels
Islands are
a last geographic
from the Kingdom of
They were the
only part of Britain
ocuppied by the Nazis
in World War II


The Approach
To Reality
The Westminster
Speech of Major
C. H. Douglas



By Eric Butler

This is a very valuable book despite the fact that the Post Script argues the traditional Douglas position that the Social Credit movement should never be embodied in a political party. It is obvious that this philosophy had to be diverted from in Alberta and Canada if Social Credit was to gain a mass hearing and of course the Foundation supports the route that William Aberhart choose over the armchair theorists. It cannot be ignored that the party system as it is set up easily corrupts representatives. But equally true is the fact that individuals in a secular party not committed to the proper view of man in relation to the world, are easily discouraged and silenced. A fellowship of like minded individual representatives must band in a cooperative association dedicated to the same principles to be effective and to enable the transition of the public's thinking as to what true politics should be like. Distaining the word of party, does not negate the need for such a necessary association. It is unreasonable to ask the public to use all of their leisure time trying to gain enough knowledge to know when the experts are pulling the wool over their eyes. That in itself would be a full-time job. It is the necessary work of the elected representatives to do such intensive work, and rightly so, for it is their full-tie occupation.

The Essential Christian Heritage

Other Christian
Titles Related to Social Credit

Justice - Condition Of Peace
by Herbert Agar - pdf

(Special Assistant to the American Embassy in London) Industrial Christian Fellowship
Oct. 14th, 1943

The Essential Christian

This book is very
helpful in explaining much of Aberhart's support of the British Empire and the Constitutuional
Heritage Involved.



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Social Credit
Christian Ideals

by the
John Knowles

Deals with Christians
who object to
Social Credit using
Scripture Texts.
Some very good
answers found here.


Week One: Social Credit and Christian Ideals Reading from John Knowles - mp3 1hr.
Gospel Road July 31st. - 2011

Week Two: Social Credit and Christian Ideals Reading from John Knowles - mp3 75 mins
Gospel Road August 7th. - 2011

noteworthy quotes on
control & reform

Adam Smith
The Theory of Moral Sentiments - 1759
The Wealth Of Nations - 1776

"Consumption is the sole end and purpose
of all production." - Adam Smith

"The Christian will have an initial sympathy with those
lines of thought and suggestion which start with the
consumer, and ask how he is able to obtain what he
desires or needs to consume, because it is in
consumption that the human value -- the end for
which all economic processes exist -- is found to reside."
William Temple - Archbishop of York

"It cannot beyond beyond the power of man
so to use the vast resources of the world
as to ensure the material progress of civilization."
His Majesty The King, George V
on June 12th, 1933.

Maurice Colbourne speaking of the words of
Mr Vincent Massey, Canadian ex-Ambassador to the
United States. This thoughtful and respected man, rich enough to be able to speak his mind, urges the need for " a public or semi-public body which, without attempting to interfere with the banks, would exercise general supervision over the volume of credit and the broader aspects of banking policy, the question of credit control
having become too important to be left in private hands,"
even, he adds in effect, when these hands are both efficient and clean.
Vicent Massey , quoted from p. 239
The Meaning of Social Credit by Maurice Colbourne, 1935.

"Unless Parliament interferes, the whole of our British banks will be under the control of a single board of directors within the next twenty years - if not sooner. And this Board will have no responsibilities to any but it's depositors and shareholders!
I cannot imagine a more dangerous menace to the public interests!
... To leave this entirely in the hands of men whose duty is first - if not last - to heap up profits for a few shareholders, is, from the national standpoint, almost suicidal. "
Arthur Kitson, Preface , A Fraudulent Standard
October 1917

"A State can be laid low just as effectively by wrong ideas
as by an invading army, and there is no agency of
destruction known to the chemists that is half as formidable
as the T.N.T. of bad economics."
Lord Inchcape - England, quoted from p. 253
The Meaning of Social Credit by Maurice Colbourne, 1935.

"The weapon of disregard, drawn by Finance
only against foemen worthy of it's steel, is
perhaps the strongest in the armory, it being
very difficult to knock a man out if
he refuses to step into the ring.
Not only is silence more powerful than
contradiction, it is much safer.
Hot dispute attracts a crowd and the
awkward truth may emerge from the arguement
in raised voices for all to hear."
Unemployment or War by Maurice Colbourne, 1928
p. 297.( seems to be another earlier version of
the Economic Nationalism. )

Always we must remember that systems
were made for men and not men for systems.
When these begin to encumber us and cease
to serve us we must alter them. It should be possible
to do this. "I believe," writes Mr. J. Taylor
, "we can bend the principles of economic
science to our will, that they are there to serve our
purpose, and not that men should suffer
from the application of them."

Unemployment or War by Maurice Colbourne, p. 299

Motion before Canadian House of Commons
in 1925 & 1928
"That, in the opinion of this House, it is not
in the best interests of the country at large
that the privilege of issuing currency and of
controlling financial credit should be
granted to private corporations."

Unemployment or War by Maurice Colbourne, p. 298.

John Ruskin Quoted by Colbourne, p. 299
One of the great difficulties about changing
this great amorphous sprawling thing we call
our economic system is our colossal ignorance
of it as it is. Even those who run it and benefit
by it know very little about it. Ruskin pointed
this out long ago. "They do indeed know how
they themselves made their money, or how,
on occasion they lost it. Playing a long
practised game, they are familiar with the
chances of its cards, and can rightly
explain their losses and gains. But they neither
know who keeps the bank of the gambling-house,
nor what other games may be played with
the same cards, nor what other losses and
gains, far away among the dark streets, are
essentially, though invisibly, dependent
on theirs in the lighted rooms. They have learnt
a few, and only a few, of the laws of
mercantile economy." As for the Mother
of Parliaments, it shuts up like an oyster
whenever real economics catch the Speaker's eye.

A Parliamentarian Quoted by Colbourne gives
the most able of speeches in Parliament for many years,
and is met by no comment, no contradiction, no debate,
every one of its hearers being content to accept a
financial difficulty as an insuperable one. - pp. 300-301

"The only way in which we are going to find
an outlet from our present industrial
difficulties is by realizing that we have in
this country, in our mining villages, in our
industrial villages, in our towns and in our
cities, millions of people who have unsatisfied
human wants, that side by side with these
people we have millions of pounds worth of
goods for which we cannot find a market, that if
we can get rid of these goods we have again
millions of people prepared to replace them
with other goods. Surely it is not necessary,
if we have any statesmanship left, that Britain
should be compelled to starve in the midst of
plenty." That is the way reality speaks: the rest
is silence. One cannot wonder that on another
occasion Sir Alfred Mond was moved to ask
in Parliament whether England had a Government
"living in Mars or in this planet, and whether
it worked in vacuo, quite detached from
economic affairs."
"One is warned," Mr. Keynes wrote in 1923,
"that a scientific treatment of currency
questions is impossible because the banking
world is intellectually incapable of
understanding its own problems. If this is
true, the order of society which they stand for,
will decay." Mr. Keynes however thinks
it will be escaped by a clear analysis of the facts.

Maurice Colbourne concludes his argument thus:
"Supposing however, we know enough
about our system to know that it must
be changed, how would we go about it?
The revolutionary ways it must be ended
because it is obsolete, and the diehard, equally
determined, says it must be retained because
it was good enough for his father and grandfather
before him. Between these two extremes the
New Economics ( Social Credit ) maintains
that the sytem can be mended." p. 301.


Failure of Capitalism to be corrected by Free Enterprise
Social Credit Monetary Theory - pdf

1970 Convention Events Sponsored by Social Credit
Federal Party.

Aberhart Day 35th Anniversary August 22nd, 1970
Bio and Event Promotion - pdf

Alberta Social Credit League Convention Photos

1958 Nov. 25-27th Convention Photo

See the Individuals
Large PDF HighRes pdf of above

1955 Alberta Golden Jubilee Calendar - 50 Years as a Province - pdf
Last Page Missing - Large HighResFile - slow to download.

First Anniversary Edmonton Rally Program (PDF)
August 30th, 1936 - Large Arena Building

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Ernest C. Manning
Aberhart's Right Hand Man and Protege entered the Alberta
Legislature before his mentor, who became an MLA later in a
by-election. Here is a copy of Mr. Manning's 1st Election Poster, sent by his wife Muriel to the Foundation in 2004.

Premier Ernest Charles Manning - Alberta 1955 Jubilee Calendar Photo

Manning Chosen by Cabinet for Premier
After Aberhart's Death May 1943 - pdf

Alberta's Preaching Premier
Who Never Loses - 1963 Profile - pdf

Hear Ernest Manning Speak on:

What True Leadership Requires - mp3


The Christian and Politics - mp3


You Tube Videos with Ernest C. Manning
from 1965 30th Anniversary Banquet

Part One - Memories of a Man - Video(5:54)

Part Two - Memories of A Man - Video(2:33)

Part Three - The Faith Decision - Video(7:38)

1967 Campaign Billboard for North Calgary Candidates
This was the Socreds Last Winning Campaign
Includes former Calgary Alderman & Sunrise Gospel Host Rev. Bob Simpson MLA


Ernest C. Manning
Oral History Recordings
Recorded in 1980-81 by U. of Alberta Researcher
Lydia Semotuk
Creative Common Licence
Except where otherwise noted, content on this Ernest Manning oral history is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license
University of Alberta

Tape #
Recording Segment Subject


Premier Ernest Manning and Speaker of the House Art Dixon at Banquet - 1960's?

Lt. Governor Grant Macewan & Ernest C. Manning in the Ledge Hallway

Ernest Manning's Last Provincial Address - mp3 1hr
& Readings from the White Paper on Social Development

Gospel Road on AM1140 - February 19th - 2012

Preston Manning - Things My Father Told Me
Father's Day 2016
Globe and Mail pdf

Lee Leavitt, MLA Candidate for Queens Park Calgary
Tours with an audio-visual trailer. 1967

October 1967 ByElection Brochure
Joseph Hanrahan - pdf

The Quietest Success Story In Canada
Profile of the Manning Family
December 1951 - Canadian Home Journal - pdf

Manning Innovation Awards Website

Set Up in Honor of the late Senator Manning and
relecting his love
of science and technology advancement

Early Political Involvement of Preston Manning
Preston's Definition of Social Conservatism in 1968
newclipping - pdf

Ernest Manning named Member of the Privy
Council of Canada by Governor General
Roland Mitchener, July 5th, 1967

The Social Credit

Premier Ernest C. Manning

Within Our Borders
An Alberta Government
Publication in the 50's

1. Dec. 1st, 1954 Edition
- pdf

Deal with an attempt to
restrict violence and horror
comics from coming into the Province.

2. March 1956 Edition - pdf

Level of Alberta Economy shows increase.

The Fork In The Road
Ernest C. Manning
Address to the
Toronto Canadian Club, Dec. 2nd 1963
(10 pages PDF)
The Unfinished Crusade
Mrs Muriel Manning
The Unfinished Crusade
Address by Mrs. Muriel Manning to the Founding Convention of the National Social Credit Women's Auxiliaries of Canada
8 pages PDF

Muriel Manning
Blasts Jean Chretien

for Garnering
Ernest's Support
From the Grave
Spring 1997 Federal
A rare public letter

Stars In Time
A History Of The
Alberta Social
Credit Women's Auxiliaries

(pdf - 74 pages)

This Book deals with the fascinating and vital role that women played in the Alberta Social Credit Movement.
A Special Section Highlights the Profiles of the Women who
became Members Of The Legislative Assembly.

"Force and might are not as effective as the quiet influence of a woman. "
-William Aberhart
'GRAN' ....ON
by Mrs. Vera Hattersley
Gran On....
Vera Hattersley
(87 pages PDF)

This Book by the wife of C.M. Hattersley is a good example of what a home study group on social credit would have been like in a narrative form... and from a woman's point of view.


Legislature Tour Book
(pdf - likely 1967, the year
of Premier Mannings Last Election)

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60th Anniversary Cake - 1995
at Blackfalds Alberta

70TH Anniversary Of The Eve Of The
Social Credit Rise To Government
August 21st, 2005
St. Georges Island, Calgary
Note the Lighted Lamps on the Stage Below That Once Burned Overhead
at Aberhart's Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute in Calgary where the Social
Credit Study Groups were organized.

See 70th Anniversary Program
& Poem, ' Under These Lamps.' Pdf

80th Anniversary- 2015 PointPoint Video
Renewed from Slide Presentation of the
History of Social Credit
1933-1984 YouTube
- Video 62:26 mins
Includes Election Speech Excerts from William Aberhart (1940)
and Ernest Manning (1967)


Alberta Treasury Branches

(Now ATB Financial)
Established By The William Aberhart'
Social Credit Goverment - 1938

First Treasury Branch In
Rocky Mountain House

Depression Alberta's Answer to the
National Banks

Non- Negotiable transfer Vouchers
An Alternative to Cheques
These Vouchers were only good at the Treasury
Branches but customers got a three per cent bonus
if they used them to buy products that were at least
33 per cent made in Alberta. Merchant signed to the Programme
got a 2% bonus for receiving them if also a certain percentage
was selling Alberta made goods.

Voucher Trade Claim by Charles Read Pearce of
the Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute for $23.

Alberta Treasury Branch Order (Cheque)
Required Dominion Revenue Stamps to Clear
That Required
the Clearing House of the CIBC Charter Bank

Sign That Was Posted At the Entrances of Businesses
Registered in the Interim Programme

1998 Principles and Policies Document pdf
Alberta Social Credit Party

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social credit legislation

Of continuing interest in our day is the Social Credit era Legislation which was divided into two categories: That which received Royal Assent and came into force and that legislation which was disallowed or declared to be ultra vires. The first session of the eight legislature open on Feb. 6th, 1936.
Despite having a novice caucus ( not a single Social Credit member had sat in the House before) 107 bills were debated and passed - 37 Acts and 68 Ammendments ( the sixty day session was prorogued on April 17th.) Two Acts (Reduction and Settlement of Debts Act, and Provincial Securities Interest Act)
were delclared ultra vires.
( beyond the powers of the province to enact )

See Brief Account of Social Credit Legislation
in Alberta's Fight For Freedom - Part 4 H. E Nichols - pdf

1936 Social Credit Legislation - in pdf format
1. The Social Credit Measures Act- 1936 - pdf Royal Assent
April 3rd, 1936

A number of Social Credit measures were passed in 2nd Session
which began in Feb. 25th, 1937 and of these more will be mentioned as this section is expanded.

1937 Social Credit Legislation - in pdf format
1. Summary of 1937 Social Credit Legislation by Alberta Government Bureau of Information and News -pdf  
2. Accurate News and Information Act
and Previous UFA Press Censorship
Act on Judicial Proceedings in Domestic Cases - pdf

The news and Information Act
3. Debt Adjustment Act, 1937 -pdf
4. Credit of Alberta Regulation Act

Bank Taxation Act, 1937

News Stories on Bank Taxation Act -pdf

6. Credit of Alberta Regulation Act - Amendment (1937)

Hear Aberhart's Rationale for the Licensing of the Press of his day.
1937 Broadcast - mp3 Sound - 9 mins.

1938 Social Credit Legislation - in pdf format
1. An Act To Provide The Realization Of The Social Credit In Alberta - pdf Assented to March 31st. 1938
2. Securities Tax Act 1938
3. Home Owners Security Act 1938

Alberta Lieutenant Govenor J.C. Bowen threatens to dissolve Aberhart Government
to Hon. Ernest LaPointe, Minister of Justice - Sept. 23rd, 1937 Telegram - pdf

March 4th, 1938 Ruling of the
Supreme Court of Canada on the
Constitutional Validity of Three Acts Of the
Alberta Legislature - SCR 100 ( 1937 - 3rd. Session )
- pdf

Aberhart's Reaction to the Privy Council Ruling against the Debt Adjustment Act
Feb. 4th, 1943 3 months before his death. - pdf

Prime Minister MacKenzie King and Cabinet (circa 1947 in photo above)
in the Privy Council Chamber supported the disallowance of three
Alberta Social Credit Acts in 1937.

Of the most controversial, was Bill 9 of the 1937 legislature session:
The Accurate News and Information Act.
This Act was passed by the Social Credit government in response to what they felt were inaccurate and wildly misleading reports of government business in the press.
Naturally there was a strong reaction by the newpapers. While this act was eventually disallowed, a similiar act restricting the reporting of civil trials had previously been passed by the United Farmers of Alberta government just months (April, 1935) before the Social Credit win.
The UFA Act to Regulate the Publication of Reports stood for over 50 years before it was ruled against. It was written in response to the press coverage of the Premier Brownlee seduction case and the marital case of cabinet minister, Tony McPherson. The government at that time felt that the excessively lurid reporting of the cases, had brought undue
smearing of the the reputation of government officials before a conviction had been determined. No other jurisdiction in Canada has such restrictions, which forbid the printing of any more than simple
facts concerning a civil case involving marriage in the press.
For the reader's reference these two acts are found in chronological order in the following file:

Press Restriction Statutes of UFA and Social Credit - pdf

Some of the caustic reporting of the era is illustrated
in the following article from the 1939 Royal Tour.

Should Aberhart be Allowed to Meet the King? - pdf

Various Clippings from the Edmonton Journal on Legislation
from 1935 - to 1938 including Aberhart's response to disaallowance of three bills - pdf

Hear William Aberhart BelowTalk About the Issue of the
Reporting of the Newspapers in his day
and why the News Act was His response to
what He thought were
unprofessional standards of the day.
( mp3 files )

A Note to Herald Advertisers -mp3

The buildup to the Accurate Information & News Act - mp3

The Purchase of the Albertan
as a Social Credit media counterweight
- mp3

Reginald Smith, Advertising Executive
Points to CBC regs as a similiar
attempt at censorship - pdf ( Oct. 16th 1937 )

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Prosperity Certificates
Issued in 1936 as a way of increasing credit flow in the
Province of Alberta - Aberhart had many contemporary and
past examples of scrip issues to model after. (See Below)

Back of Prosperity Certificate (Below)
A one cent stamp would be added each
week the Certificate was kept without circulating


Hear MooseJaw Sask. Ratepayers Support of Prosperity Certificates
to Federal Government of McKenzie King - Radio Broadcast 1936? - mp3

Take a Look at the Other Serious
Attempts at 'Funny Money.'

Other Canadian Depression Scrip Below

See Scrip Page for these and other examples
in the Larger Format

Brantford, Ontario Depression Scrip
Never Issued, but Plates exist.
William Aberhart was Principal of Brantford Central High
School before coming to Calgary in 1910.
Did his admirers back home communicate later with him
about the idea of scrip and try their hand at it ?

LongBranch, New Jersey Depression
Scrip 1934

Precursors to Aberhart's Certificates
found in 1932 Raymond,
Alberta Municipal Scrip
( script also issued in Alberta Town of
Vermillion & Fairview School District
Samples of all three at the Glenbow archives)

Scrip Signed by Mayor William Meeks

The Town Of Raymond Sucessful Experiment with
Depression Scrip, four years before Aberhart's
And the Alberta Wheat Pool Scrip Motion of 1932 and
The United Farmer's of Alberta Government Committe
of the Whole to investigate the Raymond Script in itimate
detail with town clerk A.(O ?)H. Orrin Henry Snow in 1935.

Raymond believes it's first Stampede
preceded the one in Calgary

Town Newspaper Follows History and Documents
Raymond Scrip Experiment - pdf

June 1934 - The Raymond Recorder
Comments on the first Social Credit League
Speakers to come to Raymond

- A Study Group is formed. - pdf

Raymond Mercantile Tokens
Pictures compliments if the Raymond Town Museum
The Raymond Mercantile seems to have carried on the
town tradition of scrip and later issued company metal
coinage in various amounts
which circulated in the town as a medium
of exchange honored at the store.

Bob Thompson In his book , House of Minorities
states that the Alberta Prosperity Certificate idea was
introduced to Cabinet by the Provincial Treasurer Solon Low, who a school teacher from Raymond, AB. who was well acquainted with
the Raymond Script Experiment.

Essay on Prosperity Certificates In Alberta - Author Unknown &
Explanation of Provincial Debt and the context of Depression Scrip
in a 1993 letter to Albertans from Anders Aalborg, former Social Credit
MLA and Cabinet Minister. One of the Original 1935'ers

(Pdf - 7 pages)

Neil Schafer of Numismaster dot com comments
on the worldwide use of Depression
Scrip in the 1930's

Copy of the Citizens Registration Covenant
which pledged citizen cooperation in monetary reform

Current Day Local Town Script
Experiment in Comox British Columbia Canada
Macleans Magazine Nov. 30th, 2009 - PDF

Aberhart's HomeBase Of Calgary Example Today

An organization was circulating a script
called Calgary Dollars
in the homebase of William Aberhart. The above is
dates 2002.
See Enlarged both size on Pdf Here.


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other provincial socred elections
1963 Win
The 1963 Alberta Legistlature Members
Including Opposition and Pages.
& Memorial PHoto of Speaker Peter Dawson

Click Here For Enlarged Picture of Above 1963 MLA's

Headlines from June 17th , 1963 Election
The Albertan - pdf

Memories of 63 in '63 Election - pdf

Socred Goal Unchanged
Ernest Manning Says Monetary Reform Ideas
of 1935 Remain Valid Today
Mar 19 - 1963 pdf

Federal Social Conservative Society 1968 - pdf
An Attempt to Reinvent the Federal Social Credit Cause to Merge with Conservatives.

See Telefacts Broadcast Transcripts for 1966 - 1977 above.

Ray Speaker, Alberta Socred Minister of Health and Social Development 1968


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Harry strom

Premier Harry Strom visits Hospital patients with Mayor Rod Sykes & MLA and Speaker Art Dixon C.M.

Harry Strom Visits Calgary HeadQuarters of Art Dixon in the 1971 Election.

Speaker of the House & MLA Art Dixon Awards a Student Bursary

Pictures from Art Dixon and Social Credit MLA's in Calgary - pdf

social credit party of canada

A History of the Inception of the Social Credit Party of
Canada awaits a future posting on this website.
Below is a selection of growing materials.

Premier Aberhart's plea to the Dominion
Government to take Control
of it's own monetary policy. Ottawa Citizen
- early 1940's
- pdf

1935- 1949

SC Member of Parliament 1935-1958
Federal House Leader
of the Federal Social Credit Party
(Replaced by Solon Low in 1945
the first official SC of Can. Party Leader
who led from 1945 to 1960.)

John Blackmore Bio pdf

John Blackmore & William Aberhart In Radio Dialogue - mp3

Part One - March 6th, Joint Federal Election March 6th, 1940
- mp3

Part Two - March 6th, Joint Federal Election March 6th, 1940 - mp3
(bad static interference)

Part Three - March 6th, Joint Federal Election March 6th, 1940 - mp3

( Federal Election Brochure nd. partial pdf)

John Blackmore's Book Money, The Master Key
on Monetary Reform was published in 1939.

(Contains Many Lucid examples and illustrations.)

Excerpt from Book p. 52
"Money is Valuable;
1. Not because it is made of, or backed by gold, silver, or
any other precious metal.
2. Not because a bank creates it, for we found the
26,000,000 of Dominion of Canada Bills were just as good
as any bank bill Canada ever had.
3. Not because it is loaned by someone on security
( witness the $26,000,000 again )

Money Is Valuable When:

4. The community behind it has produced and delivered,
and can with adequate immediacy, produce and deliver, so many
goods and services whenever and wherever required, that all
the money likely to come into a market as claims for
goods and sevices can be promptly supplied without rise of
prices and when:
5. The people of the community are willing to give any kind
and and quantity of those goods in return for the money.
This means confidence. ( All I wish is goods or services. If I know
there are plenty of those available I can and will have confidence.)"

Money, The Master Key pdf 193 pages

The Tyranny of Money - Quotes on Monetary System - pdf

Banks Create Money - pdf

Monetary Reform - The Urgent Need in Canada - pdf
(Note: Signature of Solon Low on 1st Page)


Ernest G. Hansell
Member of Parliament for Macleod Riding in Alberta (1935-1958)
(See his career as a Preacher with Aberhart at Westbourne Baptist on Preacher Page)

Ernest Hansell Member of Parliament for Macleod in Alberta
1940 Federal Election Brochure and Platform
Under 1 time new name New Democracy Party (Social Credit) pdf

May 1945 Federal Election Brochure pdf
for June 11th Election (Calgary East)


The 1950 Manifesto Of The
Social Credit Association of Canada
( 8 years after Aberhart's death ) - pdf

Prayer for the House of Commons under Queen Elizabeth - 1950's -pdf

Social Credit Executive Meeting - 1950's
Executive Meetings 1950's - pdf

First Official National Party Leader - Solon Low 1944-61
( Pictured with BC Social Crediters W.A.C. Bennett, BC Atorney General Robert Bonner
Alberta's Premier Ernest Manning, and Minister Of Eduction Anders O. Aalborg

From The New Saskatchewan Social Crediter Aug-Sept. 1960.

1955 Growing Up - Brochure Hoping for 10 Provinces in Social Credit pdf

Social Credit Party of Canada Leader 1944-1961
Solon E. Low M. P. Peace River - circa 1955

Solon Low in Parliament debating pension reform in 1947.

Solon Low Parliamentary Record

Election Brochure for Fed. Election - 1957 - pdf

It's Your Canada -pdf

Social Credit Platform Brochure - circ 1950's

Make Canada A Great Nation - pdf
1957 SC Election Platform (cover page missing)

July 1960 Convention Letter - pdf
(Last under Solon Low - Doubts on Diefenbaker)


Social Credit of Canada Party President

Ernest G. Hansell M.P. Macleod 1935 -1958

CCF - Hansell Cartoon
Ernest Hansell was a Cartoonist for the Calgary News Telegram in 1917
and here puts his talents into the 1955 edition of the Canadian Social Crediter.

Parliament Flurry - Hansell

Hansell - Those Social Credit Boys

Cartoons of Rev. Ernest G. Hansell - pdf

Ernest Hansell, M.P. for Alberta Macleod Celebrates Passage of
C.D. Howe's Pipeline Legislation

Editions of the Canadian Social Crediter 1954 - 1965
(Donations of Missing Editions Welcome!)
These are all very larges files, be patient.

Topic: The Producer's Boss
1. The Canadian Social Crediter Vol. 5 - Issue 26
December 29th, 1954 - pdf

Hon. Ernest C. Manning & Hon. W.A.C. Bennett

2. The Canadian Social Crediter
Vol. 7 * Issue One April 1955 - pdf

3. The Canadian Social Crediter
Vol. 12, No 10 October, 1960 - pdf

4. The Canadian Social Crediter
Vol. 13. No. 8 August 1961 - pdf

Acceptance Speech of Robert N. Thompson
Keynote Speech of Ernest C. Manning

Premier Manning gives keynote address as
Robert Thompson & W.A.C. Bennett look on.
July 1961

A younger Mayor Charlotte Whitton
with Ernest Manning & William Benett
July 1961

5. The Canadian Social Crediter
Vol. 14, No. 3 March 1962 - pdf

Key Quebec Candidates
Gateway to Greatness Policy Platform

6. The Canadian Social Crediter
Vol.14 No. 6 - pdf June 1962

Election Edition with Platform

(minus Bob Thompson Bio-Comic pages , which are
separate pdf below under Bob's section)

Social Credit Leaders Robert Thompson and Real Caouette draw record crowds
at political rallies. Campaign Kickoff in Quebec was attended by more than
5,000 people. June 1962

7. The Canadian Social Crediter
Vol. 14 No. 8 August 1962 - pdf

Organizing for Victory in Quebec
Alberta Young Socreds on the March

8. The Canadian Social Crediter
Vol. 15 March , 1963 - pdf

April 8th, Federal Election Issue

9. The Canadian Social Crediter
Vol. 17 No. 1 January 1965 Excerpt -pdf

10. The Canadian Social Crediter
Vol. 17 No. 8 Setember 1965

( pages 3 - 6 missing )

1960's Under Bob Thompson

Robert Norman Thompson was trained in Social Credit Principles
by Aberhart and Manning
when taking Teacher Training at Calgary Normal School.

A Comprehensive Synopsis of the Mission of the
Social Credit Party in the early 1960's
written by Robert Norman Thompson, SC Member
of Parliament and Social Credit of Canada Leader of the Opposition.

Canadians - It's Time You Knew - pdf 82 pages

Canada Needs Social Credit- pdf
(with helpful charts dated to 1961)
see below...

Ratio of Work Source Percentages 1850 to 1960

Purchasing Power Shortage Compensated by Dividend

Hot Tip Social Credit of Canada Coins, Side One and Two


Social Credit
* Sound Principles * Good Government * Happy People

- pdf Written Prior to Federal Platform Formation circa. 1956?

Social Credit Association Of Canada Constitution
and By-laws ( circa 1950's? ) - pdf

Objectives, Principles and Policies - late 1950's ? - pdf
(Later version Than Above)

Principles and Policies of Social Credit - pdf
by Orvis Kennedy

National Organizer - Social Credit of Canada
"I'll bind myself to that which once being right
will be no less right when I shrink from it."

Monetary Proposals of Social Credit by Lucien Maynard - pdf

Lucien Maynard (QC)was elected to the Aberhart Administration in the
original sweep of Social Credit in 1935. He held the Cabinet Posts of Municipal Affairs
and Attorney General. This Booklet contains the main components of his 1954 House of Commons Standing Committee on Banking and Commerce a clear exposition of Social Credit Monetary proposals and their application to the national finances of Canada.
"We have tried once more to muddle through with monetary policies based on
bank debt creating system, the same banking system under which we have had nothing but recurrent cycles of booms and depressions since Confederation.
This cannot be avoided under a banking system in which all money is issued as an interest bearing debt, and where you are called upon to pay back more to the banking system than the banking system puts into circulation." p. 52
"Never again should food be destroyed simply because people have not enough
money to buy it." ( The Great Depression )

Canada's Gateway To Greatness - 1961 - pdf


Robert N. Thompson

Robert N. Thompson was a school teacher, trained in the early days by William Aberhart in the basement of the Prophetic Bible Institute to establish Social Credit study groups in Alberta. He went on to organize the Social Credit Provincial Party in Manitoba. During the Second World War he assisted the British government in defeating the Italians in Ethiopia. He then worked directly with Emperor Haile Salassie in establishing the Ethiopian Air Force and the Educaton system of the newly liberated land. He returned to Canada in the 1960's for a brief carrer as a Chiropractor in Red Deer, Alberta, before being elected to the leadership of the Social Credit Party of Canada in 1961..

Week One - The Life of Robert Norman Thompson
Gospel Road - November 10th - 2014
- mp3 1 hour

Week Two - The Life of Robert Norman Thompson
Interviews from daughter Alice Thompson Miller, SIM missionary friend Albert Erion,
Lawyer and Socred of Canada Assistant to Bob, Martin Hattersley
mp3 1 hour

Judi Vankevich Interviewed by Larry Heather, Judi outside the Robert N.
Thompson Building on the Langley campus of Trinity Western University

Week Three - The Life of Robert Norman Thompson
Interviews from his Trinity Western University Student and Personal
Assistant Judi Vankevich who also wrote her thesis on 'Dr. Bob.'
Also we will hear some excerpts from a surviving memoir tape on various
political topics. And lastly, a recollection from Ron Underwood of Red Deer
on the 1962 federal election win of Bob Thompson
mp3 - 56 mins.

Week Four - The Life of Robert N. Thompson
An interview conducted by Vancouver host Bernice Gerard in the
late 1980's to close out our series on Bob Thompson.
mp3 - 50 mins.

CBC - Master Or Slave? ( Video in Mp4 )
A Reading by Bob's former assistant Judi Vankevich
from a chapter from the 1965 Book
Commonsense For Canadians

On The Campaign Trail

July 1961 News Articles on Bob Thompson's Party Leader Win -pdf

Canada's Dedicated Dynamic Statesman
Robert N. Thompson - pdf

Hear Ron Underwood;s Recollection of Bob Thompson's
first Federal Win in 1961 for the riding of Red Deer Alberta.
- MP3

1965 Brochure with 33-1/3 SoundSheet Recording - pdf

The Most Important Decision You'll Make As A Canadian
Bob Thompson SoundSheet Recording- 1965 - mp3

Bob Thompson Bio-Comic from June 1962 - pdf

Large Color File - But worth the wait! Newspaper Size

1962 Election Campaign Kickoff in Quebec
'Socialism Strangling Canada' - Bob Thompson
with Deputy Leader Real Caouette

See Article In:
June 1962 Election Edition Platform
The Canadian Social Crediter - pdf

1962 Bob Thompson Election Brochure Red Deer Alberta Riding - pdf

All right now, you guys, WHO's DOING THE DRIVING?

Leader's of the Party's in the 1960's Coalition Government
( L-R) Bob Thompson - Social Credit, John Diefenbaker - Conservatives,
Tommy Douglas - NDP, Lester B. Pearson - Liberals

1969 House of Commons MP Business Card

January 1965 Power For Living - pdf

A Christian Testimony Paper of the times outlines his career and beliefs



Books of Robert N. Thompson
Covers, Descriptions and Reviews pdf

Other Bob Thompson Writings and Speeches

A Positive Economic Programme For Canada - pdf
Edmonton Junior Chamber of Commerce
March 20, 1963

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Master or Servant? - pdf

To the Fort William Canadian Club
June 5th, 1964

On Assignment to Germany and France - pdf
June 20th, 1964

The Intolerance Of Neutrality - pdf

Robert N. Thompson
given to the Ontario Sunday School Association
Friday, Oct. 16th, 1964

Conservatism In Contemporary Canada - pdf
Robert N. Thompson
given to the National Young Social Credit Convention
Winnipeg, August 8th, 1964

The Role of Management In Canada's Future - pdf
An Address by Robert N. Thompson
National Social Credit Leader to the
Canadian Industrial Management Association, Toronto
circa 1964-65?

Three In One Campaing Banquet
For African Relief - pdf

University of Western Ontarion
April 26th, 1967

True Justice Speech To CBMC - Mount Vernon - pdf
September 24th, 1981

Foreign Affairs Articles by Bob Thompson

Ethiopia Update Articles Langley Times - 1985 - pdf

Election of Mulroney Government - Langley Times 1984-85 - pdf

Robert Thompson - Biographical - Commemorative - pdf

1966 Candid Comments By Robert N. Thompson
AWeekly Press Release - pdf

1967 Candid Comments by RNT - pdf

1968 Candid Comments by RNT = pdf

RNT Hansard Parliament Speeches and Letters
to Constituents 1963-1968 - pdf

Address on Freedom
Western Canada Concept Red Deer, Alberta

November 28th, 1981 - pdf

Submission to Committee on Ammeding the
Constitution of Canda March 1991 - pdf

Assorted News Clippings on Bob Thompson 1963-77 - pdf

Thompson Family Related

Hazel and Bob Thompson Silver Wedding Anniversary 1964 - pdf


Mrs. R.N. (Hazel) Thompson

Stand Up and Fight! - pdf
EnVille Montreal, Dec. 18th, 1965

Eight Prominent Women On A Happy Marriage - pdf
Western Producer, Thursday August 3rd, 1967

A Women's Point Of View - pdf
1962 Election Brochure Panel, Red Deer

bob's Parents

T.O. Thompson and Wife
from Innisfail Alberta Leave For Mexico Trip - 1964 - pdf

Tribute Notes by Cyril Hutchinson to Bob Thompson

April 8th - 1963 Federal Social Credit Election Brochure 'Insurance Policy' of
Ivan Stonehocker for Westaskwin Riding - pdf

Quote from above brochure:
"10. The Eternal Veritiess will be respected.
No nation can be truly great or permanently strong unless its people
respect the eternal God and His right to man's worship and allegiance.
The voluntary acceptance of this individual and collective responsibility
is basic to enduring progress and the dignity of man."

real caouette
Social Credit In the Province of Quebec

1962 Magazine Article
Real caouette - spellbinder from quebec - pdf

Real Caouette - Filing Clerk or Evangelist? - pdf

David Réal Caouette (September 26, 1917 - December 16, 1976) was a Canadian politician from Quebec. He was a Member of Parliament (MP) and for a time, leader of the Social Credit Party of Canada and founder of the Ralliement des créditistes. Outside of politics, he worked as a car dealer.
Cauoette was a dynamic orator, and sometimes controversial. It was Aberhart's vision to see Social Credit extended to Quebec, and he was learning French near the time of his death in 1943. Cultural differences between the Quebec wing of Social Credit led to the establishment of a independent Social Credit party in Quebec for an interval before it again merged into Social Credit Canada in 1971.

1962 Campaign Quebec Rally with Bob Thompson

Real Caouette
Pictured Here in Edmonton in 1971.
To hear two speeches by Real in English click below:
(from his 1972 tour of Grande Prairie & Peace River)

1972 Sept-October Speech Grande Prairie Social Credit Group
- mp3

1972 Sept- October Peace River Chamber of Commerce
- mp3

Bob Thompson with Real Caouette and some of the 26 Quebec Socreds

Fabien Roy The Last Creditiste Party Leader YouTube Video 3 mins

Social Credit Bureau of Canada
This Group from Central Canada
offered a National Federal Social Credit Plan for
Canada more in conformity with the Douglas
Social Credit Full Plan albeit
with some delayed elements of implementation.

The Ward Plan by William Ward - pdf
was published in newspapers in Canada in the
second and third weeks after the Alberta
Social Credit League won it's great victory.

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Social Credit Publications from England
and Other Countries

Danger, Ugliness
and Waste
(to all Artists and Men of Letters)

by Owen Barfield
1923 - pdf
Credit Research Library
London, England.
A Post World War I
examinination of
the credit boom/bust
war cycle and the
manufacture of

A Engineer Points
The Way - pdf

A transcript of a radio
broadcast in England
on April 17th, 1934
Professor Levy interviews
John L. Hodgson
Fascinating Insights
on an Engineers view
of the Economy.





Original 1935 Social Credit Pin